25 Classic Window Cornice Ideas

Here’s a list of classic window cornice ideas to help you add style to your windows. Make a cornice box, choose the suitable fabric, and find inspiration for your unique design.

Classic window cornice ideas add sophistication and beauty to any traditional home. These timeless designs feature angular frames crafted from sleek wood, finished in a warm walnut hue, and topped off with luxurious pleated fabric for an elegant contrast.

DIY enthusiasts can make the cornice themselves in just one weekend. At the same time, those who prefer professional installation can rely on the experiences and skills of the professionals. Regardless of the decor you’re going for, we’ve got a whole list of ideas going for you.

From timeless designs to modern and rustic aesthetics, we have samples you can check. Scroll more below.

Big Window Cornices

The cornice is made with high-quality materials and crafted with care. It can be customized to fit any window size and style, making creating a unique look that reflects your taste accessible.

DIY enthusiasts appreciate the opportunity to make it themselves, while those who prefer professional installation rely on experts. With its timeless style, this window cornice will bring beauty and sophistication into any traditional home.

Award Winning Cornice

The angular frame is crafted from sleek wood, finished in a warm walnut hue that complements any decor. Topping off the look, the luxurious pleated fabric creates an elegant contrast that adds texture and dimension to the window space.

Joozed Up Window Cornice and Window Bench

With its low cost and high style, the upholstered cornice makes it an easy DIY project that anyone can tackle in just one weekend. It’s easier than you think – all you need is a staple gun, some fabric, and a dream! The window seat magic created by this design will surely make your interior decorating wins shine.

Good Wood Designs Window Cornices

The classic style features a smooth finish and intricate detailing that will impress. Perfect for lofts or other high-ceilinged rooms, this window cornice will make any room look more inviting.

Long Window Cornice

It features a classic, timeless look that instantly adds elegance to any room. The cornice is crafted from high-quality materials and comes in various colors and textures to match any decor.

It can frame windows, adding depth and texture to the space. The design also includes adjustable brackets for easy installation, making it perfect for any budget blinds project.

With its unique shape and intricate details, this window cornice will be a beautiful addition to any home or office.

Motorized PowerView Duette with Custom Cornice

The elegant treatment is perfect for any home or interior design. It works best for homes with high-ceiling. You get to experience the curtain, view, and natural light in your living space.

Custom Cornices and Pillows

Custom Cornices and Pillows windows cornice
Source: @skpdesign

The perfect blend of elements creates an inviting, unique look for any kitchen space. Here’s a contrast of colors that match well. The black seat, the white custom-fit storage below, and the orange accents work like magic!

Mini Window Cornices

Custom Window Cornices windows cornice
Source: @designableco

Its curved shape mimics the fireplace in the living space. It creates a cohesive look that elevates the entire aesthetics of your home decor.

Custom Window Cornices Against Patterned Walls

Custom Window Cornices windows cornice
Source: @designableco

The crisp white fabric is highlighted by elegant trim and intricate details that add an elegant touch. A luxurious valance crowns the design, creating an eye-catching centerpiece in any window.

Soft pleats create dimension and movement throughout the design, softening the overall look. Delicate accents are strategically scattered throughout this beautiful and stylish window cornice, making it unique to its owner.

Sky Blue and Blush Window Cornice

Sky Blue and Blush Window Cornice windows cornice
Source: @leah.walder

The traditional design of the cornice is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any guest bedroom. Leah Walder Interiors have expertly crafted this piece, ensuring it will provide instant relaxation to any room.

Window Cornice with Beautiful Draperies

The cornice is crafted from high-quality materials, giving it a luxurious look and feel. The drapery fabric is carefully chosen to match the wallpaper pattern, creating an eye-catching contrast that adds texture and dimension to the room.

The upholstery fabric has been selected with comfort in mind, providing a cozy atmosphere for any living space. This window cornice design’s overall effect is elegance and sophistication that will instantly transform any room into a beautiful oasis.

Custom Valances

Custom Valances windows cornice
Source: @trendyblinds

It features a custom wood valance with a light-filtering roller shade underneath, creating an elegant look that provides privacy and light control. The roller shade can be raised or lowered to adjust the light entering the room, while the custom wood valance adds a touch of sophistication to any home decor.

The cornice is finished with triple shades for added texture and depth, making it perfect for arch windows or other unique window shapes. With its trendy plus design, this window cornice will add beauty and functionality to any home.

Patterned Valences and Strip Roller Shades

Custom Valances windows cornice
Source: @trendyblinds

Its sleek lines and elegant curves make it the perfect choice for any home decor. The cornice is made from custom wood and features a light filtering, blackout, and wave folds sheer fabrics to provide perfect privacy and light control.

Combining these fabrics creates an eye-catching texture that will add a unique touch to any room. The cornice can be customized with drapes, sheers, roller blinds, roman blinds, zebra blinds, triple shades, and more for a truly personalized look.

With its timeless design and versatile functionality, this window cornice will become an integral part of your home decor!

Window Cornice

Crafted from high-quality materials, it features a classic cornice board and adds an elegant touch to any design studio. Craft or choose a window cornice with attention to detail, making it the perfect finishing touch for any kitchen design.

Dressed Up Window

Combining traditional European designs with Scandinavian influences, the cornice features a beautiful pattern in shades of white and ivory, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to any room.

The fabric design is enhanced by drapery detailing along the edges, creating a luxurious look that will draw the eye and provide a stunning focal point.

With its timeless style and classic feel, this window cornice will surely be an interior designer favorite.

Custom Cornice Over the Window Sink

Custom Cornice Over the Window Sink windows cornice
Source: @peakdecor

The cornice has an attractive peak decor that adds a sophisticated look and combines design.

Colors That Match for Window Cornice

Handmade by artisans, it features woven wood roman shades and a custom-made valance that adds texture and style to any interior space. Combining natural fibers and woven wood creates an elegant, timeless look that is perfect for any home decor.

This window cornice design is ideal for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their windows. This is a unique solution for an otherwise plain window.

Custom Sheer Valances

Custom Valances windows cornice
Source: @trendyblinds

The custom wood valance is crafted from high-quality materials and designed with a sleek, contemporary look. The combination of roller blinds, triple shades, and Roman blinds creates an eye-catching effect that will draw guests’ attention.

The wave fold sheers provide an extra layer of privacy while still allowing natural light into the room. To complete the look, a custom cornice adds a unique finishing touch that will bring any space alive with its trendy plus design elements.

Arch Unique Valances

Custom Valances windows cornice
Source: @trendyblinds

The combination of roller blinds and roman blinds adds a unique touch of style to any room. The triple shade provides an effective blackout solution for those who need it, while the wave fold sheers create an elegant draping effect.

This window treatment is also perfect for arch windows, providing a tailored solution that will fit any space perfectly. The trendy plus design makes mixing and matching colors and textures easy to create your signature style in your home decor or home improvement project.

Classic and Timeless Cornice Design

Elevate your home with high-quality materials and go for the timeless look for your home. Choose backsplash patterns that go well with your valence if you have a cornice window by the kitchen sink. Play with colors and added accessories but don’t veer away from the entire aesthetics of your house.

The Dining Cornice

Window Concepts windows cornice
Source: @winconpa

Combining these elements creates an eye-catching look that is perfect for any dining area or interior decor. The valance and draperies are made from high-quality fabrics in various colors and textures to complement the existing decor.

The custom window shades provide privacy while allowing light to filter through the room. The cornice board is installed with precision for a polished finish that will last for years.

With this unique design, you can create an inviting atmosphere in any dining room or interior space.

Custom Pillow and Window Coverings

Custom Pillow and Window Coverings windows cornice
Source: @farmtofrench

The twin beds are draped in luxurious designer fabric and upholstered with designer upholstery fabrics while accenting custom pillows bring a splash of color and texture to the room. A window cornice topped off this room’s cozy yet elegant design.

Decorative Grills

The design includes a cornice board and window treatments, such as curtains and blinds, that add an elegant touch. This window cornice creates a beautiful addition to any home when combined with other interior decorating elements like kitchen decor and interior design inspiration.

Minimalist Window Cornice

It is designed to fit perfectly with banquette seating, creating a comfortable atmosphere in any home room. The cornice is made from high-quality materials, making it durable and stylish.

The intricate details of the cornice add an elegant touch to any interior design project.

Mini Cornice

Custom Oversized Ottoman windows cornice
Source: @shcdesigns

The geometric print provides a touch of sophistication, while the white cabinets bring a bright and airy feel to the dressing room. Finishing off this unique and stylish design is a window cornice that will draw attention.

The intricate details in the cornice add charm and character, making it the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom decor or interior design project.