15 Easy DIY Window Cornices Ideas for Your Home

Craft your own window cornices using these innovative DIY ideas that will transform your windows from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

DIY Cornice Board From Scrap Wood

diy cornice board from scrap wood

Transform scrap wood into a custom window cornice, adding rustic charm while upcycling materials.

Highlight individual style by staining or painting the wood to complement your room’s decor.

This project not only enhances the window’s visual appeal but also provides a creative outlet for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Turn an Old Picture Frame Into a Cornice Board

turn an old picture frame into a cornice board

Select an oversized picture frame, ensuring it fits the window’s width for an eye-catching cornice base.

Customize the frame with fabric, paint, or decorative paper that complements your room’s decor.

Attach the frame above your window to add a touch of elegance and artistic flair to your space.

Using Wallpaper to Design Your Cornice Board

using wallpaper to design your cornice board

Elevate a plain cornice board by adhering your favorite wallpaper pattern for an instant pop of color and texture. Wallpaper allows you to match the window treatment precisely with your room’s decor theme, from floral motifs to geometric shapes. Opting for peel-and-stick wallpaper simplifies the process and offers the flexibility to change designs as trends or preferences evolve.

DIY Cornice Board On a Budget

diy cornice board on a budget

Maximize style while minimizing costs by utilizing affordable materials like foam board, fabric remnants, and leftover paint.

Enhance your windows with custom-sized cornices crafted at home, allowing personal flair without the designer price tag.

Follow simple techniques to convert inexpensive components into elegant window treatments that elevate your space.

Boho Chic Cornice Board Idea

boho chic cornice board idea

A Boho Chic Cornice Board infuses eclectic charm, pairing patterned fabric with natural elements like bamboo or rattan. This style emphasizes a relaxed and artistic vibe, incorporating tassels or macramé for a textured finish. It reflects a free-spirited aesthetic, making it a focal point in rooms that feature bohemian decor.

How to Add Trim to a Cornice Board

how to add trim to a cornice board

Adding trim to a cornice board elevates its visual appeal and introduces textural contrast. Select trim that complements both the fabric and the room’s decor to achieve a cohesive look.

This customization allows for a tailored finish that can range from elegant to whimsical, reflecting personal style.

Cornice Board in a Nursery Room – DIY Style

cornice board in a nursery room diy style

A DIY nursery cornice adds a custom, whimsical touch above windows, complementing the room’s theme and palette. Consider using soft, pastel fabrics or playful patterns to craft a visually soothing element that ties together the decor.

Incorporating baby-safe materials ensures the cornice board is both an attractive and practical addition to the room.

Enhancing Your Living Room With a DIY Cornice Board

enhancing your living room with a diy cornice board

A customized cornice board acts as a visual anchor, elegantly framing your windows and complementing the living room’s decor.

Integrating fabric or patterns that match the living room’s color scheme adds a cohesive, stylish touch to the space.

The addition of a cornice board can also give the illusion of height, making the room appear larger and more refined.

Step By Step Guide to Painted Cornice Boards

step by step guide to painted cornice boards

Select the perfect paint color to complement your room’s decor and paint your cornice board evenly for a clean look.

Consider adding patterns or stenciled designs for a personalized touch that showcases your style.

Protect your painted cornice with a sealant to ensure durability and longevity, enhancing the window’s aesthetic appeal.

Geometric Patterns On Cornice Boards

geometric patterns on cornice boards

Geometric patterns add a modern and dynamic aesthetic to your window treatment with stark lines and shapes.

Incorporating these designs elevates the overall room decor, tying in various elements of the interior space.

Fabric selections or stenciling techniques enable customization to match existing room themes or to introduce a bold focal point.

Using Velvet Fabric for Luxurious Cornice Boards

using velvet fabric for luxurious cornice boards

Velvet, with its rich texture, elevates the aesthetic of any room, imparting an air of sophistication.

By wrapping a cornice board in this luxurious material, one can introduce a regal element to their window treatments.

The fabric’s plushness complements the clean lines of the cornice, creating an opulent focal point above the window.

Rope Detailed Cornice Board – DIY Method

rope detailed cornice board diy method

Incorporate natural textures into your window treatment by adding rope detailing to the edge of your cornice board. This nautical-inspired design creates a relaxed, coastal vibe that subtly frames the window.

Choose from sisal, jute, or cotton ropes in various thicknesses to achieve the desired effect and complement your room’s aesthetic.

Creating Distressed Cornice Boards

creating distressed cornice boards

A distressed cornice board adds a rustic charm to any room, evoking a sense of vintage appeal. This treatment involves artificially aging the wood to create a weathered look that pairs well with farmhouse or shabby chic decor.

It functions as an eye-catching window accent that contributes texture and character while remaining a practical concealment for curtain hardware.

Using a Cornice Board to Hide TV Cords

using a cornice board to hide tv cords

A strategically placed cornice board can elegantly conceal television cords and cables, maintaining a clutter-free aesthetic. With the cords tucked behind the cornice, the focus remains on the beautiful window treatments and the screen itself. This practical solution blends technology seamlessly into the room’s decor, creating a cleaner, more organized visual space.

Lighted Cornice Board for a Romantic Bedroom Touch

lighted cornice board for a romantic bedroom touch

Integrate LED strip lights into the inner rim of your cornice board for a soft, ambient glow. This illumination adds an element of romance and sophistication, transforming the bedroom’s atmosphere at night.

The indirect lighting casts a warm, inviting light that’s perfect for relaxation or evening downtime.

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