26 Modern Interior Window Trim Ideas

Check out these modern interior window trim ideas for your home. Make your home stylish, contemporary-looking, and hip!

Interior window trim ideas are a great way to add a modern and stylish look to any living space. Whether adding accent colors, molding, or wainscoting around the windows, these design ideas bring an extra touch of detail to any room.

With suitable materials and craftsmanship, this trim can be used as part of a larger design scheme or on its own to make a statement in any room.

What's Inside

Laid Back Sunday Morning

This interior window trim design is perfect for bringing a modern, stylish look to any living space. With its clean lines and simple yet sophisticated style, this trim will add an elegant touch to any room.

The warm wood tones of the trim pair nicely with the bright white of the window frames, creating a beautiful contrast that will bring out the best in your living room decor.

The 8148 Our Boss Street Nest collection offers a unique option for adding extra detail to your windows and enhancing their look. This trim can be used as part of a larger design scheme or to make a statement in any room.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing window trims or completely transform your living space, this interior window trim design provides an easy solution for making life beautiful!

Craftsman-style Window Trim

This interior window trim design features classic wainscoting look with a backband and casing around the window. The trim is crafted from wood, creating an elegant look that adds warmth to the room.

A finish carpenter has expertly fitted the trim work around the window, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless transition between wall and window. The cabinets have been custom-made to match the trim style, creating a cohesive look throughout the space.

To complete this timeless design, a contractor has added molding along the edges for an extra touch of detail. This renovation brings an old house into modern times while keeping its original charm alive.

Different Window Trim Styles

This modern window trim design features crisp white window frames and a wide, dark wood baseboard to accentuate the tall kitchen windows.

The thin lines of the window trim bring an eye-catching edge to the overall house design while providing an inviting element to any home renovation or design ideas.

In addition, you can use some small accessories to make the place more cosy, such as decorating some custom neon signs on it. Not only does it provide illumination, but it also makes the entrance to your home more beautiful and sophisticated!

Front Door Trim

This interior window trim design features arched windows with frosted glass, a fireplace framed by the front door, and finished carpentry. The window trim is crafted with precision and care to create a classic look that complements the style of the room.

The finished carpentry adds a touch of elegance, while the frosted glass provides an extra layer of privacy. The fireplace creates an inviting atmosphere, making this window trim design perfect for any home.

Crown Molding Trim

This interior window trim design features a classic style with modern updates. Crafted from high-quality materials, the trim is designed to last for years and adds a touch of elegance to any home.

The trim features detailed accents that draw the eye and add depth to the look. It also includes subtle details like window sills and decorative moldings, giving it an old-world charm.

With its timeless style, this window trim design is perfect for any DIY renovation or remodeling project.

DIY Window Trim

This interior window trim design features a modern, geometric look. Its sleek lines and sharp angles create a bold statement that stands out in any room.

The trim is crafted from high-quality wood, giving it natural warmth and durability that will last for years. To complete the look, an electric saw was used to cut the pieces for a perfect fit precisely.

With this eye-catching trim, your windows will be the envy of all who enter your home!

Custom Woodwork

This contemporary window trim design features custom-made barn doors crafted from live edge wood, giving it a unique and rustic feel. The wood has been painted with Real Milk Paint Co’s all-natural paint for an extra special touch.

Perfect for any kitchen remodel or interior design project, this window trim will make your home stand out from the rest!

Classic and Timeless Window Trim

This interior window trim design features classic wainscoting, board and batten, and wood molding that evoke timeless style. The large crystal chandelier adds a hint of glamour to the built-in cabinetry surrounding the windows, creating an elegant look in any sunroom.

The traditional hue of warm neutral colors helps tie this beautiful aesthetic with its mix of trim accents and timeless design.

Custom Window Casings/Trim

This modern farmhouse-inspired window trim design uses black Hunter Douglas windows and white Magnolia Market window treatments for a bright, inviting look. The white trim is complemented by a rocking chair in the same style, adding extra warmth to the room.

The overall effect creates a cozy baby room perfect for reading nooks and nursery decor. Pottery Barn Kids accessories and Target Style accents complete this modern farmhouse look.

Crown Molding

This window trim design creates a warm, farmhouse-style look and feel. It starts with white quartz counters and a Moen faucet in the sink, contrasting the black subway tile backsplash and Elkay sink.

The trim is made of ÅᎿнø with a modern touch, and it features white window treatments such as curtains. Amazon completes a classic farmhouse decorating style finds that bring together country accents like ceramic jars, adding an extra layer of charm to this kitchen.


This interior window trim design is a classic yet modern touch to any home. It features clean lines and crisp edges, providing an elegant frame for the window.

The dark stained wood contrasts beautifully with the white walls, making this an eye-catching feature of any room. Multiple finishes and colors give you plenty of options for customizing the look of your window trim.

With its timeless style, it will upgrade any home’s interior design.

Built-in Style

This interior window trim design features a modern farmhouse style with shaker trim, vertical shiplap, white oak flooring, and circle-sawn oak. The walls are painted in a subtle Swiss Coffee color accentuating the reclaimed oak flooring.

The great room is finished with a brick floor for added texture and warmth. This classic yet modern look is perfect for any dining room or living space.

Modern Blinds

This interior window trim design features a bright white paint, adding a cozy and inviting atmosphere to the living room. The trim is DIY-friendly and easy to install, making it perfect for home improvement projects.

Accentuate the look with plants or window treatments for an extra touch of home sweet home.

Modern Farmhouse Window Trim

This interior window trim design features classic Roman shades, custom windows, and a family-friendly atmosphere. The beautiful Schumacher 1889 fabric gives the room a traditional Southern Living look that is perfect for any home.

The window trim is bold and inviting, adding charm to the space while allowing plenty of natural light.

Modern Classic Kitchen

This classic window trim design adds a timeless touch to any modern home. The style combines traditional elements like white frames and farmhouse decor with more contemporary styling, including window trims and kitchen sink frames.

Homeowners can use this combination to freshen up their front porches or add personality to their home office. It’s easy to customize the look by incorporating different colors, textures, and ideas for home organization.

No matter the style or setting, this timeless trim will bring a touch of charm and elegance that will last for years.

French Farmhouse

This interior window trim design features a classic farmhouse style with white accents. The trim is made of wood and painted in a neutral shade, creating a timeless look that complements the French Farmhouse style.

DIY projects such as adding simple farmhouse touches like window trim can quickly transform any room into an inviting space. Add some Farmhouse Fresh decor and accessories from Country Home Magazine or Midwest Living Magazine for an extra touch of charm to complete the look.


A ledge above the windows is elegant and it provides room for extra decor and window dressing.

Unmatched Elegance

This vintage brutalist window trim design features bold, angular lines and a striking monochromatic color palette. The stark contrast of the black and white hues creates an eye-catching look that will add a unique touch to any space.

Trim a Window

This modern farmhouse window trim design features a neutral style with white interior accents. The trim is made of wood and painted crisp white, creating an inviting entryway to the home.

DIY inspiration abounds with this project, as anyone with essential tools and materials can quickly build it. The result is a beautiful mudroom that adds character and charm to any home.

Frame Moulding

This interior window trim design features a Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace wall, complemented by white picture frame molding and window treatments. The result is a classic combination of elegance and modernity that adds an inviting touch to any living room or renovation project.

Plaster Window Trim

This interior window trim design features a vintage, brutalist style. The trim is constructed from heavy-duty metal with a distressed finish that gives it an industrial look.

Its sharp edges and angular lines create an edgy aesthetic, while the matte black color adds to its boldness. The trim also features intricate details, giving it a unique character.

This window trim is sure to make a statement in any space.

Mud Boots

This interior window trim design blends traditional and rustic elements uniquely. Featuring finely crafted flea market accents and vintage decorations, this look is perfect for adding a cozy charm to your home.

American farmhouse-style window trim provides the perfect backdrop for country sampler accents, bringing a timeless countryside feel to your room. Alongside laundry room essentials like hampers and cabinets, DIY home decor elements bring depth and texture with bits of rustic charm.

Topping off the design are tasteful accents like window trims and baskets, creating a beautiful mix of intelligent style choices that make life attractive.

Sunrise Valley Farm Window Trim

This modern farmhouse window trim design features custom woodworking and DIY elements that create a unique look. The DIY home decor project includes painting the frame in a neutral hue to match the thrifted dining room furniture and adding a subtle touch of color with DIY ideas like colorful fabric bows or ribbons.

The crafty mom can add a touch of rustic charm by incorporating natural elements such as fiddle leaf interiors or even distressed window frames.

Add homemade decor items like mason jars filled with kitchen decor or a blog-worthy farmhouse kitchen centerpiece to complete the look.

With all these elements combined, this window trim design will make any room stand out!

White Painted Window Trim

White Painted Window Trim interior window trim
Source: @gmpainting

This beautiful custom window trim design from GM Painting LLC is the perfect addition to any interior space. The trim features a bold and stylish paint color that brings a modern, sophisticated look to the room.

The Maryland-based painter’s expert craftsmanship ensures a flawless, visually appealing, durable finish. The trim also helps provide extra insulation and protection against dust, dirt, and moisture.

Whether you want to add a touch of class or make your windows stand out, this custom trim will make your space shine.

Nautical Trim

This interior window trim design features custom wood details that bring a coastal living feel to any residential architecture. The trim is crafted with precision and care, creating a unique look that will stand out in any home.

Lisa Carlisle Architect’s custom home design expertise ensures the perfect balance between seaside charm and modern style. Monday’s motivation comes easy when you see the beautiful window designs created by Design Is RI, celebrating women in architecture.

Rhode Island life is made even better with this stunning interior window trim, bringing a touch of coastal architecture to your home.

Colored Interior Window Trim

Colored Interior Window Trim interior window trim
Source: @aws_llc

This interior window trim design features a modern style with clean lines, adding a contemporary look to any home. The minimalist approach is accentuated by light colors such as white and beige, giving the room an airy feel.

The window trim is made from high-quality materials like wood or laminate, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear. To complement this modern design, accents such as moldings can be added for extra texture and visual interest.

With its simple yet elegant look, this interior window trim will make any home renovation project look amazing!