18 Hip Cafe Window Ideas

Here are several hip ideas for sprucing up your cafe windows with creative and eye-catching displays.

From window decals to window boxes, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to make your cafe stand out.

Cafe window designs are a great way to attract customers, featuring modern large windows with occasional vintage flair.

The frames are often painted in bright colors and decorated with cheerful designs that add a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.

Here are more ideas to dress up inviting cafe windows and attract glimpses.

Beyond The Pale Bar

The cafe window is a bright and inviting sight, with its warm wooden frame and large glass panes. Inside, the shelves are lined with freshly-baked pastries and other delicious treats, while the countertop displays an array of coffee beans from Dramanti Coffee.

Beyond the pale walls of the cafe lies a bustling city street, full of life and energy. The perfect spot for people-watching or enjoying a cup of coffee in peace.

Pretty Florals

This stunning cafe window design features a beautiful floral illustration crafted by a talented Sheffield artist. The vibrant colors and intricate detail of the artwork bring life to the storefront, making it stand out from its surroundings on Abbey Dale Road.

The window is framed with a black border that helps to highlight the art and adds an extra touch of sophistication.

Pretty Arched Coffee Shop Window

Pretty Coffee Shop Window cafe window
Source: @j.jay___y

The cafe window features a beautiful, inviting design with vibrant colors and modern accents. The glass is decorated with cheerful designs that add a touch of whimsy to the atmosphere.

The window frame is painted bright, making it stand out from the surrounding buildings. Inside, cozy seating areas provide an ideal spot for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea while admiring the view outside.

Stained Glass

The cafe window design is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern elements. It features a Victorian-style shopfront with hand-painted stained glass framed by a bright white facade.

The intricate details of the artisan craftsmanship are highlighted by the sun’s warm glow, creating an inviting atmosphere for customers.

The overall effect is one of timeless elegance that will draw in visitors from near and far.

Bar Window

This cafe window design is a stunning combination of modern and classic elements. The sleek white kitchen island provides an inviting focal point, while the warm wood cabinets and breakfast bar create a cozy atmosphere.

A large window allows natural light to fill the room, highlighting the beautiful interior styling. The cafe kitchen features stainless steel appliances, giving it a contemporary feel.

The display kitchen showcases stylish accessories, such as pendant lights and decorative items, that add a touch of elegance to the space. The overall effect is sophistication and comfort, making this cafe window design perfect for any home.

Window Drawing Artwork

A vibrant cafe window design featuring a colorful array of patterns and designs created with Posca markers is sure to catch the attention of passersby.

The artwork features elements inspired by the current pandemic life, lockdown life, Cardiff life, and Penylan Pantry, as well as creative window drawings, window art, shop window designs, and Penylan patterns.

A mix of reposts from other artists adds to the overall aesthetic, making this cafe window design unique.

Minimalist Window Design

The cafe window design is modern and inviting, with a sleek black frame surrounding the glass. The glass is etched with intricate patterns of swirls and lines, creating an eye-catching effect that draws in passersby.

Inside the cafe, warm yellow lighting illuminates the space, creating a cozy atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Sunny Coffee Spot

Sunny Coffee Spot cafe window
Source: @patternistas

The cafe window design features a bright and vibrant pattern of geometric shapes and colors reminiscent of the work of the Patternistas. The stunning views across Penylan inspire the colors used in Cardiff, such as the beautiful Penylan Pantry.

There are references to Martin Luther King’s life and work throughout the design, adding an extra level of meaning to this thoughtfully crafted window display. The frame around the window is decorated with Posca pens, which perfectly finish the look.

This unique design is sure to capture attention and bring a smile to the face of any passerby, making it the perfect addition to any coffee spot or cafe!

Cafe Awning

Capulus & Co cafe window
Source: @capulusandco

The cafe window design is inviting and cozy, with a warm wooden frame and bright sunshine streaming in from the outside.

Inside the window, small potted plants are arranged among coffee-themed decor, providing a homey feel to the store.

The cafe offers an array of specialty lattes, espresso drinks, and other beverages that can be enjoyed while looking out at the street below.

For those wishing for something more than just a snack or beverage, plenty of small bites are available, such as pastries and sandwiches.

The family-run business also showcases unique art pieces from local artists on the walls around the window area for customers to enjoy while they relax in this inviting atmosphere.

Window Decals

This cafe window design features vibrant window decals, displays, and graphics that create a unique and eye-catching shopfront. The branding is focused on supporting small businesses, local cafes, and women-led businesses in particular.

It also celebrates the Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland regions with business signage that reflects the area’s creative spirit. The vinyl decals are complemented by an A-frame sign decorated with coffee-themed artwork to attract coffee lovers to the cafe.

Maison Oflore

Maison Oflore cafe window
Source: @maisonoflore

The cafe window is a vibrant and inviting sight, with a cheerful mural painting adorning its glass. The mural features colorful abstract shapes and patterns in shades of purple, blue and yellow, creating an eye-catching display that catches the attention of passersby.

A bright wooden frame surrounds the window, giving it a rustic yet modern finish that fits perfectly into its Th3rd Wave surroundings. Two small signs hang from either side of the window, proudly proclaim ‘Maison Of Lore Lemonade’ and ‘Limonade Of Lore.’

Lettering & Art

A vibrant cafe window display featuring hand-painted autumn illustrations is the perfect way to welcome customers into this cozy coffee house. The artwork features warm fall colors, with oranges and reds set against a deep blue background.

Inside the cafe awaits a warm atmosphere, where customers can enjoy their favorite coffee or tea while admiring the stunning window art!

Lockdown Countdown

Lockdown Countdown cafe window
Source: @everygoose

This cafe window design is a vibrant and eye-catching display that features an illustration of a clock surrounded by colorful Posca art. The clock illustration is complemented by creative window art, making it a perfect way to countdown the days until lockdown 2021 ends.

Pumpkin Season

The cafe window is a beautiful sight to behold, with its sleek and modern design. It has two large panes of glass that frame the view outside, allowing natural light to flood the interior.

The top part of the window is adorned with an intricate pattern in shades of black and white, adding visual interest to the overall look. A set of comfortable chairs and tables are arranged in front of the window, perfect for spending an afternoon sipping coffee or simply enjoying the warm sunlight streaming through.

The whole ensemble creates a cozy atmosphere that invites people inside and offers an inviting ambiance for those who pass by.

Floral Artwork

The cafe window display is a beautiful and unique design, featuring vibrant glass art set against lush greenery. The floral designs are complemented with stylish wooden frames to create an eye-catching effect for passersby.

Within the display, retail windows showcase carefully crafted products from Wales, inviting customers into this creative space. Together, these elements form an inspiring shop window design that entertains and rewards visitors to the cafe.

Vintage Cafe Window

Andrea's Cafe Window Ideas cafe window
Source: @kugelblume

A cafe window design featuring a bright red shutter, an intricate window cross, and a rustic vintage frame creates an inviting atmosphere. The deep red hue of the shutter is complemented by the classic window cross pattern, while the aged frame adds to its old-world charm.

A perfect touch for any cafe, this unique design invites patrons in to explore the beauty within.

Modern Pass-thru Window

This cafe window design is a stunning blend of indoor and outdoor living. The sleek black frame is complemented by a copper roof, creating an eye-catching contrast.

The large pass-thru window allows easy access to the outdoor seating area, while the nanowall provides privacy and protection from the elements. Inside, guests can enjoy views of their backyard design through the kitchen window as they dine outdoors or relax with friends in their home bar.

Pass-through Bar Area

This cafe window design is a beautiful combination of modern and rustic elements. It features a large, rectangular pass-thru window with copper gutters that frame the view from inside to outside.

The barstools and counter stools provide comfortable seating for guests to enjoy outdoor dining alfresco. The unique design also includes an outdoor bar, perfect for entertaining friends and family in the backyard paradise.

To complete the look, there are kitchen windows with inspiring kitchen design ideas, making this cafe window design a great addition to any new build home or cottage home.