25 Modern Bathroom Window Ideas

Here are modern ideas for bathroom window designs that will add style and privacy to your bathroom.

Trendy bathroom window designs include shutters and large picture windows framed in white wood.

Among modern windows, dressing options are drapes, cafe curtains, and blinds. These designs provide plenty of natural light while adding a classic or modern touch to the room.

These are ideal for any bathroom renovation and can create a luxurious oasis to make your bathroom look more like a spa.

Close Your Shutters

This beautiful bathroom window design features wood shutters, adding a classic touch to the room. The shutters provide an ideal window decoration for any weekend project and are sure to be loved by all.

Roll-up Blinds

This beautiful bathroom window design features a large sash window, allowing natural light to stream into the room. The white Victorian-style frame contrasts the monochrome tiled floor and adds a classic touch to the space.

The walls feature elegant wallpaper, while the bold yellow bathtub provides an eye-catching focal point. For added luxury, a freestanding tub is situated in the middle of the room, surrounded by stylish bathroom tiles.

Classic Drapes

Window City on Instagram: "The next time you remodel your bathroom, if at all possible, put your bath under a #window. 
 bathroom window
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This eye-catching bathroom window design features a low-profile tub beneath a large window overlooking the greenery. Combining these elements creates a unique, modern look that adds style and sophistication to any bathroom.

The window provides plenty of natural light while also offering privacy when needed with classic drapes.

Bamboo Shades

This bathroom window design features a beautiful chandelier, woven bamboo shades, and modern lighting that creates a luxurious atmosphere.

With this combination of elements, the bathroom window design creates an inviting and stylish space for any home.

Shutters in a Bathroom

This bathroom window design features Hunter Douglas Canada Polysatin Shutters in a Palm Beach style. The shutters provide an elegant and timeless look while still allowing natural light to filter into the room.

They are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for any busy bathroom.

Natural Light Wall to Wall

Natural Light Wall to Wall bathroom window
Source: @alexagerken

This bathroom window design features a modern, minimalist look that adds style and sophistication to any main bathroom. Tasteful window treatments, such as sheer curtains or blinds, complement the sleek frame of the window.

The overall effect is stylish and practical, allowing natural light to enter while providing privacy when desired. Combining the white frame with neutral window treatments creates a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Plantation Shutters

This sleek bathroom window design features tilt and turn shutters (Plantation-style), creating a modern and stylish look. The shutters are easy to open and close, allowing for optimal light and ventilation control.

The interior frame is made from high-quality materials resistant to corrosion, ensuring the window will last for years. With its chic aesthetic and practical functionality, this window is sure to be a favorite among those who love shutters!

Window Decals

This beach-inspired bathroom window design features a beautiful ocean wave mural, bringing a piece of San Diego’s artistry indoors. The mural is surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing blue hue that captures the oceanic vibes of the coastal city.

This stunning art was created with materials sourced from nearby vendors to support local artists. Its unique shape and size make it perfect for any small bathroom space while adding a touch of character to the atmosphere.

With this window design, your room will feel like an oasis on the beach.

Frosted Privacy Window

This bathroom window design features a custom grey and white tile pattern, natural light from the outside, and a modern vanity to complete the look. The perfect combination of style and functionality, this bathroom window design is sure to inspire any home decor enthusiast.

With its sleek lines and contemporary feel, it’s sure to be the envy of all your friends.

Round Window

This bathroom window design features a beautiful oval window with a classic French country farmhouse style. The frame is made of chantilly lace, and the window is surrounded by white cabinetry for a timeless look.

To add a modern touch, the countertops are made of marble, and the lighting fixtures are sconces that provide an elegant lighting inspiration. For an extra pop of color, pink accents can be added to the walls or vanity to create a unique bathroom atmosphere.

Multi-panel Windows

Lux Windows and Doors Peaceful Window bathroom window
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This bathroom window design is modern and eye-catching, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows with a beautiful view. The frame is made of greige rock flooring, giving it an elegant look that pairs perfectly with the light yellow walls.

With this design, you can bring the outdoors in and create a bright, airy atmosphere for your family to enjoy.

Skylight Window

This bathroom window design is timeless, inviting natural light into the space. It features an Amber Lewis-inspired neutral decor, with a sleek ceiling design and dreamy window detailing that completes the look.

The window is framed by a rustic wooden arch, adding warmth to the modern aesthetic. This window helps create a tranquil atmosphere and is perfect for a new build or remodel for that Sunday Funday vibe.

Black Window Frame

This black window frame is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any ensuite. It features a tall, arched window with a stunning view, allowing natural light to pour in and brighten the space.

The frame is made from wood in a rich, dark finish that complements the room’s neutral palette. On either side of the arch are two smaller windows with frosted glass for privacy.

The overall effect creates an inviting atmosphere that invites you to linger in your oasis.

Frosted Glass

This bathroom window design by Leslie Henry Interiors is a stunning transformation. Featuring an eye-catching art piece and plenty of natural light, it’s the perfect addition to any bathroom.

The before and after photos showcase how this bathroom window has been completely transformed. Its unique style will surely draw attention from visitors and followers of Bathrooms of Instagram alike.

Tall Narrow Windows

A large, black-framed window allows natural light to pour in, illuminating the space with its warm glow.

The gold fixtures add a touch of luxury, while the open shelving provides ample storage for all your bathroom necessities. The shower design features a curbless shower and stand-alone tub that are perfect for relaxing after a long day.

To complete the look, an eye-catching bathroom fireplace and unique lighting fixtures will make this room truly special.

Window Over the Sink

The window over the sink is not solely for the kitchen anymore. The vanity is accented with Schumacher hardware for an elegant finish, while the window treatments provide a modern touch.

Combining these elements creates a beautiful balance of traditional and contemporary styles that inspire any home design project.

Bubble Bath with a View

Bubble Bath with a View bathroom window
Source: @msmarydix

The bathroom window design is inviting and modern, featuring a frosted glass pattern that filters natural light. This gives the space an airy feel while providing privacy.

The sleek black frame highlighted by brass accents adds to the contemporary look of the bathroom. With the addition of decorative shelving on either side, this stylish window is perfect for displaying lush plants and décor items.

Warm lighting adds a cozy touch to the space and creates a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a hot bath or shower.

Farmhouse Blinds

This modern farmhouse bathroom window design features a custom-built frame with a doorless shower and subway tile. The room’s centerpiece is a freestanding soaking tub, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

The simple decor includes white walls and wood accents to give it that classic farmhouse style. An elegant window allows natural light to fill the space to complete the look, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Window Film

Frosted Window Film bathroom window
Source: @kristina.roy

This bathroom design features a bright, airy window that allows natural light to fill the room. The sleek glass shower and freestanding tub are framed by a Carrara marble wall and complemented by the modern farmhouse design of the Coretec floors.

A soft, plush rug from Ruggable adds texture and warmth, while Good Housekeeping-approved Amazon Home fixtures sparkle against stylish accents. Combining these elements creates an inviting atmosphere for anyone seeking inspiration or goals for their main bathroom ideas.


This bathroom window design is a bold and eclectic mix of colorful interiors and original features. The bright yellow slipper bath is the centerpiece, surrounded by green and mustard tiles and a roll-top bath.

A large window provides natural light, making the muted and moody atmosphere perfect for creating an inviting space to relax.

The eclectic decor has been carefully chosen to create an interior mixtape that’s both stylish and functional, with plenty of character from the period home.

Cafe Curtains

This bathroom window design features bright yellow cafe curtains, sash windows, and a variety of accessories for a unique and inspiring look. The curtains are DIY-style with an eye-catching pattern that adds texture to the room.

The sash windows provide natural light while still providing privacy. To complete the look, there are various bathroom accessories such as wallpapers, mirrors, and decorations in shades of blue and mustard yellow.

These colors work together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom. With this design, you can create a stylish and comfortable interior space.

Mirror Windows

The mirror windows provide the best views from the inside and privacy from the outside. This bathroom of a modern retreat is full of luxurious features, from marble floors and countertops to giant windows and luxe hardware accents.

Tiny Windows

Frosted Glass Window bathroom window
Source: @mariahkhomes

Tiny bathrooms are rarely a decor feature, but the positioning allows for an attractive design in this case. The two windows above the vanity countertop frame it nicely. The other windows in the walk-in shower provide plenty of daylight.