25 Modern Shower Window Ideas

Add style and functionality to your bathroom with these creative modern shower window ideas.

Shower window designs are no longer limited to small windows, with full-sized windows now being popular. Modern shower window designs can feature sleek frames and coordinating accessories such as bath mats, wallpapers, and tiles in neutral colors to bring out the best of the view.

Other ideas include modern white and gray palettes, luxurious hydro-massage bathtubs and LED lighting, or elegant marble veins with a beautiful view of Manhattan.

Shower window designs offer a blend of interior design, architecture, and nature for an unforgettable bathing experience.

Showers with Windows

Showers with Windows shower window
Source: @runholy

This sleek shower window design features a large, panoramic window overlooking your outdoor setting. The clear glass allows natural light to flood the bathroom, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

The modern frame provides a sophisticated accent to your bathroom decor while still maintaining the privacy you desire. For added visual interest, use coordinated accessories such as bright bath mats, textured wallpapers, and marble or stone tiles in neutral colors to bring out the best of your view.

You can also add decorative elements like plants or wall art to provide a finishing touch.

Shower Window Idea

This modern shower window design features a sleek white and gray palette, with a luxurious hydro-massage bathtub.

A waterproof curtain complements the low-cost concrete floor from Ikea, and the whole project finishes with an 8th shooting in Turin.

The perfect combination of interior design and architecture makes this bathroom renovation idea unique.

Room with a View

Room with a View shower window
Source: @zekeruelas

This elegant shower window design features stunning marble veins and a beautiful view of Manhattan, New York. Boasting an interior of luxurious modernity, you can enjoy room-with-a-view convenience with this South Soho pruning minute detail of bathroom decor.

Enjoy the combination of light and nature for an unforgettable bathing experience.

Acid-Etched Glass

This shower window design features a Walker Zanger tile and acid-etched glass, creating a modern yet timeless look. The black and white color scheme is complemented by natural light streaming in from the window, creating an inviting atmosphere for bathroom renovations.

The historic Bloomingdale, DC architecture of the row house is highlighted with this classic design, making it perfect for any historic renovation project.

Master Shower Lake Views

The shower window design and decor exudes rustic charm. At the center is a classic tile shower, framed with an unlacquered brass shower system from Waterworks for an aged look.

On either side of the window are plantation shutters for extra privacy and added texture to the space. The muted colors of lakehouse living mix with vintage cottage style for a cozy, European farmhouse feel that complements the marble inlaid tilework throughout the bathroom.

A compact teak bench adds French country charm to this bath while adding practical seating beneath the large bathroom window above.

Tiles from Tile Nirvana create a peaceful atmosphere as they reflect natural light into this tranquil space all day long — ideal for both morning showers and evening baths.

Shower Window

The shower window in this bathroom is a beautiful design element. Constructed from high-quality materials, it offers natural light to flood in during the morning hours.

The window stretches from floor to ceiling, lending an air of spaciousness, and is framed with a modern, minimalistic design. This shower window is a perfect complement to the room’s decor; this shower window will make waking up even more enjoyable.

Moving the Window During Renovation

This shower window design and decor feature stacked tile with gold accents, pampas grass decor, and modern home styling. The perfect combination of contemporary bathroom design and Muskoka living creates an inviting atmosphere for any restroom.

Home bloggers in Ontario will love the unique look of this shower window that adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Shower Window

This main bathroom features a stunning shower window design. The large window allows natural light to fill the room, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.

The shower window is framed by sleek white tiles that provide a classic yet modern look. Modern fixtures, such as a rainfall shower head and chrome accents, complement the elegant tile work.

To complete the design, a contemporary vanity provides plenty of storage space and an eye-catching focal point. With its perfect combination of style and function, this main bathroom will surely impress for years to come!

Frameless Shower Window

This shower window design features an elongated subway tile with a geometric mosaic pattern in shades of lavender. The faux cement tiles have a modern twist, while the original wood doors offer a rustic feeling.

A shower bench seat provides convenience and style to the space, making it easy to incorporate bathroom trends from 2021. Finishing off this luxurious look is a statement piece — ‘It Had To Be You’ — which adds an extra layer of inspiration for your living stone or short hills design project.

Frameless Shower Window

Frameless Shower Window shower window
Source: @inlandhomes

This shower window design features a sleek, modern look with clean lines and minimalistic decor. The frame is made of stainless steel for durability and strength, while the glass is frosted to provide privacy without sacrificing natural light.

The window also includes a built-in blind that can be opened or closed depending on your desired level of privacy. This stylish design will add an elegant touch to any bathroom space.

Small Shower Window

This contemporary shower window design stands out with its bold black frame and minimalist hardware. The frosted glass panels create a sense of privacy while allowing natural light to fill the space, brightening up the décor.

An intricate tile pattern in shades of grey and white decorates the walls around it for an elegant look.

Square Window

This modern shower window design features an elegant combination of old and new, with a sleek frame.

Its clean lines provide plenty of natural light for brightening the bathroom, while the Melbourne designer’s creative touches add a touch of personality.

The perfect blend of old memories and new home vibes creates a timeless look that will last for years.

Natural and Moody Tile Selection

This shower window design is modern and stylish, featuring a sleek black frame against the white tiled walls. The glass is frosted for privacy while allowing light to enter the bathroom.

A bright green plant sits in front of the window to complete the look, adding a touch of nature to the space. The overall effect is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for any bathroom remodel or renovation project in Denton, Texas, or beyond.

Shower Window Transformation

This beautiful shower window features a shower screen and black bathroom hardware for a monochrome look. The design combines modern elements with a timeless interior style, perfect for a bathroom makeover or remodel.

The crisp black and white color palette lends itself to small bathrooms, while the unique shower window adds an unexpected touch of luxury to any space. Ideal for creating an Instagram-worthy bathroom, this stylish design can be easily implemented in both service apartments and holiday lets.

Overlook Shower Window

This shower window design features black fixtures, custom cabinets, and a glass shower window that allows natural light to fill the bathroom. The missing mirrors are replaced with stylish custom cabinets for added storage and style.

J Hoffman Studio is in the house to provide a unique touch of elegance. With this combination of modern elements and classic touches, this bathroom renovation will stand out from the rest!

Natural Light and Outdoor Connection Shower Window

The beautiful shower window design accents the modern style of this bathroom remodel.

It comes in an array of sizes, perfect for every bathroom remodel. A unique sunshower glass panel is added to the design to give off a bright and airy feel, creating an idyllic spot for relaxing after a long day.

Shower Garden

A shower window design with custom timber screens and casement windows creates an inviting atmosphere in any bathroom. The open shower with hydronic heating and tiled design adds a touch of luxury, while the window allows natural light to flood into the space.

Steffen Welsch Architects have included landscaping and architecture photography to complete the look to create a unique and stylish bathroom.

Christmas Cheer Shower Window

This contemporary farmhouse shower window design is a stunning combination of modern and rustic elements. The sleek doors provide an industrial touch, while the subway tile walls and steel shower fixtures give the space a classic feel.

The window is framed with custom-made wooden shutters, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the main bathroom. The style adds greenery to bring natural elements to this unique design.

Shower with a View of the Mediterranean

This shower window design features a beautiful Mediterranean blue frame with intricate detailing that adds to its luxurious look.

The window is made of clear glass, allowing plenty of natural light to fill the bathroom and create a bright and airy atmosphere.

The perfect finishing touch is the view from the hotel – rolling hills of lush green countryside dotted with picturesque French villages. This stunning vista will provide an unforgettable experience while you relax in your luxurious hotel bathroom.

Window in Shower Design

Window in Shower Design shower window
Source: @howellhuis

This modern shower window design features an industrial-style frame and a grid of frosted glass panes to provide privacy while allowing natural light to flood the bathroom.

The muted color palette of white, greys, and blues creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for a cozy home.

To complete the look, stylish accents such as a vintage mirror and hanging plants bring a touch of nature to this chic space.

Full-Length Window in Master Ensuite

This shower window design is perfect for a spa-like bathroom experience. Its large window offers an incredible view of the outside world, creating a tranquil atmosphere within the bathroom.

The elegant frame and sleek glass bring a modern feel to the space while allowing plenty of natural light. The shower window also adds a touch of luxury with its spacious design and sophisticated look.

To complete this spa-like look, consider adding some greenery or artwork to the walls around the shower window to create an inviting and calming atmosphere.

Unique Shower Design

This unique shower design features a large window that allows natural light to fill the space. The window frame is crafted from sleek, modern chrome, while the glass is frosted for privacy.

A decorative border of blue tiles surrounds the window, adding a touch of color and texture to the room. Inside, white subway tiles line the walls and floor for an elegant look that will never go out of style.

Wide Window in the Shower

This shower window design is a stunning addition to any bathroom. It features a large, clear window that allows natural light to flood the space and creates an open, airy atmosphere.

The window is framed with a sleek, modern frame that complements the bathroom’s contemporary decor. To complete the look, a skylight is installed above the shower window to bring in even more natural light and create a bright and inviting atmosphere.

The walls around the shower are tiled with neutral-colored tiles for a timeless look that will never go out of style. A rain shower head adds an extra touch of luxury and completes this beautiful shower window design.

Window and Mosaic Tile

This shower window design is modern and inviting, featuring a sleek tile shower with a large window that allows natural light to stream in.

Shower Window Sill

Shower Window shower window
Source: @zekeruelas

This shower window design is perfect for any main bathroom. The sleek glass and chrome frame gives it a modern look, while the frosted glass provides privacy without sacrificing natural light.

The window has been expertly placed to provide an optimal view of the exterior, creating a peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom. To complete the look, stylish interior decor items, such as a contemporary vase or framed artwork, have been added around the window.

Together, these elements create an inviting and luxurious space that will make anyone feel relaxed and rejuvenated.