10 Hair Salon Window Ideas That Stand Out

Here are some creative ideas for decorating your hair salon windows to attract customers and make your salon stand out.

Hair salon window designs are eye-catching to draw attention to the shop and encourage customers to support small businesses.

These designs typically feature vibrant colors, intricate designs, pop images, or other local attractions.

Here’s our curated list of noteworthy ideas.

Spring Window

Spring Anticovid Window hair salon window
Source: @soubecas

The hair salon window design is an eye-catching display of vibrant colors and textures. It features a bright red backdrop, intricate designs in gold and silver, and a large window showcasing the latest hairstyles.

The window also includes images of Frida Kahlo, Kavala City, and Xanthi to give the salon a unique flair. Inside the salon, multiple mirrors reflect light off the walls to create a dramatic atmosphere for customers.


The hair salon window design features a vibrant display of products from the Warminster-based hairdresser, with a bold window dressing that showcases their unique style.

The bright colors and creative styling draw attention to the shop, encouraging locals to support small businesses in the area by shopping locally.

A professional hair photoshoot adds an extra touch of glamour, making it clear that this Warminster hairdresser is one of the best around!

Autumn Vibes

This beautiful hair salon window design captures the essence of autumn with its vibrant colors and cozy vibes.

The hair salon is decorated with warm red, orange, yellow, and brown hues to match the changing autumnal season.

Various seasonal decorations like pumpkins, gourds, and leaves are arranged around the window to create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. In addition to these natural elements, elegant mannequins dressed in stylish clothing complete the look.


A vibrant hair salon window display celebrates 10 years of business in Tunbridge Wells. An array of colorful balloons, arranged by Kent Balloons, creates a cheerful atmosphere that attracts the attention of local mums.

The eye-catching design is sure to draw more customers into the salon!

Creative Window Drawings

This vibrant hair salon window design features a beautiful glass mural with a floral illustration, created using Sharpie Water Based Paint Markers, and Cricut Explore Air 2 vinyl clings. The window display is perfect for the Spekkhi and Davines salons in Oakville.


The hair salon window display was a stunning sight to behold. Brightly colored flowers and lush greenery cascaded down the sides, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere.

The display’s centerpiece was an intricately designed mannequin with a classic updo, showcasing the beauty of Oh..So..Gorgeous Hairdressing’s signature styles.

Window Paint

This eye-catching hair salon window design features vibrant colors and bold artwork by Matt Small. The window display is designed to draw attention to the salon with a clever marketing strategy that combines elements of influencer marketing and partnership marketing.

The retail window display showcases a unique combination of Rush Colour Artists’ artistry, creating an inviting atmosphere for potential customers.

Stained Window Effect

The hair salon window design is a vibrant and eye-catching display of art. It features a colorful doodle pattern framed by Preston’s House of Hair and Beauty.

The artwork is created by India Lupton, a Longridge artist, giving the window an authentic Lancashire feel.

Vine Plants

This eye-catching hair salon window features a beautiful and bold design. With bright colors and unique decorations, it is a great way to draw attention to the salon while making a statement.

The team at the salon has put up signs that let passersby know they are open for business. The window showcases their skill at hairdressing with creative cuts and styles on mannequins.

All these elements combine to make an attractive display that will draw customers.

Fall Window Display

The hair salon window is a vibrant display of autumnal colors, with warm oranges and reds creating a cozy atmosphere. The window features a large pane, allowing passersby to get an up-close view of the salon’s beautiful autumn vibes.

Inside, shelves are stocked with various hair care products, while outside, the window is decorated with seasonal decorations such as pumpkins and leaves. The overall effect is warmth and comfort, inviting customers to enjoy the salon’s cozy atmosphere.