25 Gorgeous Window Box Ideas

Spruce up your home with these creative window box ideas. Be inspired by this list of succulent planters and more!

Window box designs are a great way to add color and life to the exterior of any home or garden. They can feature a variety of plants and flowers in an eye-catching pattern, such as vibrant purples, pinks, yellows, and whites.

Window boxes create a classic cottage-style look with lush green foliage or bring Southern charm with bright blooms. These designs are perfect for any home or garden enthusiast looking for an easy way to make their space stand out from the rest.

Varying Shades of Green

This window box design features a white house with black shutters, stone and stucco walls, and a cottage-style look. The box is filled with lush green plants and white flowers in a hayrack planter for an eye-catching contrast.

Perfect for any gardeners of Instagram or home and garden enthusiasts, this window box brings life to any exterior or country home style.

Church Street Window Box

This window box design is bursting with vibrant purple hydrangeas, creating a stunning display of Lowcountry charm. The blooms are framed by a deep green backdrop of lush foliage, perfect for the Holy City’s downtown Charleston landscape.

Planted in a classic wood window box, this design offers a glimpse into the timeless beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

The pops of bright yellow flowers and delicate white petals stand out against the rest of the arrangement. This unique and eye-catching window box will surely bring an element of Southern living to any home or garden.

Late Summer Windowboxes

This vibrant window box design is perfect for the summer season. It features a variety of plants and flowers in shades of pink, purple, and yellow, arranged in a symmetrical pattern.

The window box is situated in Queen Village, Philadelphia, surrounded by charming doorways and postcard-worthy streets. Visitors to Philly can discover the city’s beauty through this window box design, which is an ideal representation of the city’s culture.

Natural Window Box

This window box design is perfect for bringing a natural, earthy feel to your holiday decor. It features handmade soaps and candles with festive winter scents, all crafted by local small businesses.

Spring Blooms Window Box

This vibrant window box design features a variety of spring flowers and plants, surrounded by spring containers and window boxes.

The focal point of the display is a giant thistle container filled with colorful blooms, adding an extra pop of color to the scene.

Surrounding the thistle are smaller spring pots and window boxes overflowing with beautiful blooms, creating a stunning garden effect. This unique design is sure to bring life to any outdoor space during the arrival of spring!

Dusky Blush

This rustic window box design is handmade with love and features a pink topiary surrounded by shutters. This window box is the perfect addition to any cottage or bungalow. The window box will bring a touch of country style to your home.

Draped Roses, Topiaries, and Window Boxes

This vibrant window box design features lush topiaries, soft ivy, and cascading roses in various colors. The eye-catching arrangement is framed by the windows, creating an inviting focal point to enjoy indoors and out.

Green Monday Sale

This garden shed is overwhelmed with lush flowers using window boxes. The view through the windows is obstructed, but that is not a problem as this shed has plenty of other windows.

Planter Recipe

This window box design features a mix of seasonal planters and outdoor decor, perfect for adding curb appeal to any home. It includes colorful garden urns, autumn-hued pumpkins and gourds, and cheerful cabbage plants, all set against cozy sweater weather.

DIY gardening enthusiasts can easily create this look using container gardening ideas, attainable elegance, and planter recipes.

With this look, you can bring the beauty of fall foliage indoors while enjoying the Virginia living afforded by the Richmond area’s mild climate!

Spring Window Boxes

This vibrant window box design features an array of spring blooms in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. The cheerful colors and textures reflect the city’s unique Lowcountry style, inspiring passersby with its beauty.

A mix of window box Wednesday favorites like pansies, petunias, and geraniums are framed by trailing ivy for a classic look that will last all season long.

Richmond Window Box

This window box design features a festive winter scene with bright holiday decorations. It includes custom planters filled with vibrant seasonal plants, such as evergreens and colorful flowers, to create an eye-catching curb appeal.

The container garden is designed to bring cheer and joy to your home during the year’s colder months. To complete the look, festive holiday decor items like garlands and wreaths are added for a touch of Christmas spirit.

With careful attention to detail and thoughtful plant selection, this window box will make your Virginia living space shine all winter!

Beautiful Window Box

This window box design is a beautiful combination of Kelly green and Bungalow Blue. It features a lush array of vibrant flowers cascading down the sides in an eye-catching display.

The colors blend perfectly, creating a stunning visual effect that draws the attention of passersby. The box is sturdy, ensuring it will last for years.

Summer Abundance

This window box design features a bright, summery display of colorful flowers, adding instant curb appeal to any New England home.

The container garden comprises thistle containers and window boxes filled with cheerful blooms, creating an eye-catching display that will last all season long.

Easter Sunday Window Box

This vibrant window box design featuring tulips, a spring wreath, and a green door is the perfect addition to any home. The bright colors against the backdrop of the Sunday sunshine will surely bring life and joy to your outdoor space.

It’s the perfect way to welcome Easter Sunday and spend quality family time at Foxglove Cottage.

Cheery Rainy Window Box

This charming window box design features a vibrant array of flowers and greenery inspired by the Lowcountry region of Charleston, South Carolina. The bright colors will surely add a pop of life to any home or garden.

Curb Appeal Window Box

This window box design brings charm and beauty to any outdoor space. It is perfect for creating a focal point in the garden or boosting curb appeal around the home.

The window box features a classic rectangular shape crafted from durable materials, making it ideal for growing flowers in all seasons.

Inside, vibrant blooms like tulips and roses bring life and color to the landscape design while adding texture to Chicago’s urban environment.

On Wednesdays, this bright display of window box Wednesday will surely make passersby stop and admire its beauty!

Pansies, Violas, Alyssum, Pink Muscari, Ivy, and Tiny Ever

This window box design features a variety of beautiful spring flowers in colorful containers. The containers are made of thistle, and the window boxes provide a perfect backdrop for them to shine.

The design is ideal for container gardening and can be enjoyed throughout the week, with window box Wednesday as the highlight!

Summer in Window Box Form

This vibrant window box design features a color-coordinated array of plants and flowers, including teal leaves, framed by the surrounding window display.

The window box is situated in the Queen Village area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, giving it extra charm and character.

Perfectly reflecting Philadelphia’s urban vibrancy and culture, this design will surely draw attention from passersby looking to appreciate its beauty.

From the texture of the brick walls to the various colors of blooms that peek out from beneath the glass windows, this eye-catching window box is sure to be a crowd favorite for many Instagrammers looking for unique photo opportunities.

Festive Holiday Window Box Display

Festive Holiday Window Box Display window box
Source: @bobvila

This festive window box design will bring holiday cheer with its vibrant colors and lovely decorations. The deep red, green, and gold tones add a cheerful touch that is perfect for the season.

It features both Bob Vila-style and traditional window boxes for a unique look that blends modern style with traditional holiday decor.

Holiday-themed accessories such as candy canes presents, and snowmen complete the scene for a truly magical aesthetic.

The overall result is eye-catching enough to draw attention from onlookers in any outdoor setting!

Fall Linger

This window box design combines seasonal planters and outdoor decor to create a unique and eye-catching curb appeal.

Blending Virginia’s natural beauty with DIY gardening elements, the window box is filled with vibrant winter planters, homegrown plants, and pine cones for a touch of holiday decor.

Container gardening ideas like container gardener educator tips and container garden design can be seen throughout this creation. Plant styling and garden planning are critical components in bringing this window box design to life.

Gardeners of Instagram everywhere will love this Virginia living-inspired window box!

Celtics Themed Window Box

This vibrant window box design features a mix of green and white petals and branches, perfect for adding a touch of beauty to any home’s exterior.

Containing a variety of flower pots, this container garden creates a stunning display that is sure to stand out against the summer sun.

Its classic design elements make this window box look equally at home in places like Wellesley, Brookline, Weston, or Charleston. Interior designers will love the way it can bring life and color to any outdoor space, while gardeners will appreciate its functionality.

The combination of container gardening with window boxes makes for an eye-catching yet practical addition to any outdoor area.


This vibrant window box design features a classic old-world style, incorporating the colors of Maison and charmed hues. Its full garden of flowers adds an inspiring touch that will surely turn heads.

Placed with a combination of plants, shrubs, and flourishing foliage, this window box is the perfect addition to any home garden and instantly adds texture and depth to the outdoor space.

The layout has been carefully thought out with intricate details to ensure it looks beautiful day and night.

Growing gardens doesn’t have to be complicated – this window box contains everything you need to succeed. Unifying beauty and purpose, this design effortlessly captures the beauty nature has to offer in pursuit of perfection.

Contained Creations

This gorgeous window box design creates an inviting entrance with its mix of vibrant spring flowers and timeless elements. It has rich pansies, delicate bacopa, striking osteospermum, and delicate violas.

This window box offers an attainable elegance that is perfect for any home or garden. Its modern design includes unique shapes and textures, giving the window a stunning curb appeal for passersby.

Gardeners can add more dimension to this look by adding a few urns filled with lush foliage creating an outdoor decor that allows the garden to spill into the indoors.

Whether you’re looking for something modern or classic, this container garden design offers several inspiring ideas!

Huge Colorful Poppies

This window box design features a beautiful array of poppies, creating a vibrant splash of color. The black house and shed provide the perfect backdrop for the window boxes filled with lush planting and flower perfection.

Garden lovers will appreciate the attention to detail in this garden room, from the shed hunting to the carefully curated selection of plants in each window box. Shed life is celebrated here with a classic black shed that adds an extra style to this outdoor space.

Hayrack Wall Planter

This window box design features a vibrant array of spring flowers planted in colorful containers, including thistles. The overall look is perfect for adding a cheerful touch to any home or garden.