13 Impactful External Window Trim Design Ideas

Here are design ideas for adding external window trim to your home — classic styles to modern designs. Read on!

External window trim is the accent pillow of the home’s exterior. They easily add the pop of color that’s the spice of design you need to add visual appeal.

Some trending ideas you’ll see include accent color trim (that contrasts the wall color), decorative molding, and other architectural features.

These designs can enhance the look of any home renovation or addition with their sleek lines and crisp edges.

Arched Window Trim

Low-E Tint and Argon Gas Window Trim External window trim
Source: @son_of_a_v

This beautiful external window trim design features a combination of arched windows and exterior molding. The window man has done the replacement with vinyl removals to ensure it is done right.

Gable Window

This gable window trim design features a sleek, modern look. Its smooth lines and crisp edges provide a timeless aesthetic that will enhance any home’s exterior.

The trim is designed to be durable and weather-resistant, ensuring it can withstand the elements without compromising its appearance.

PVC Trim

This house features Hardie Board siding, PVC trim. Combining these materials creates a modern look that is perfect for an exterior renovation or addition.

The PVC trim outlines the window frames to provide a sleek contrast against the siding, while the window trim provides a classic touch.

Black Trim

This contemporary home features custom-built window trim with aluminum frames that perfectly complements the coastal home style. The windows are framed by a beautiful white trim, adding an elegant touch to the house’s exterior.

The builder from the South Coast has done an excellent job in creating this unique look, making it stand out from other homes in the neighborhood.

Trim and Shutters

The trim adds an extra layer of protection to the windows, helping to keep out moisture and other elements that could damage the window frames. It adds an attractive touch to the home’s overall look.

With its easy installation and maintenance requirements, this window trim design is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish yet functional solution for their windows.

PVC Plastic Trim

PVC Plastic Trim External window trim
Source: @pl.superior

The trim is finished with high-quality materials for a long-lasting renovation that will make any homeowner happy.

Shingle Style

This window trim design features a shingle-style exterior, with two vertical panes of glass outlined by white Maine-made window trim. The trim is light and airy, allowing natural winter light to filter in while casting exciting shadows within the cottage or house.

Window Boxes

This exterior window trim design features a bright pink color, making it stand out against the white house paint. The trim is made of wood and has been painted with a glossy finish to give it an extra shine.

To add texture and contrast, window boxes filled with hydrangeas have been placed on either side of each window. For a subtle touch of color, shutters in shades of light blue have been added to the windows for extra character.

Off-white Trim

This sleek window trim design features a white and gray combination that looks great on any exterior wall. The trim comprises a light gray window box with a copper window box.

Distressed Window Trim Replacement

This window trim combines pine wood and Behr Marquee paint for a timeless look. The pine has been expertly crafted to provide a sturdy base, while the Behr Marquee paint offers superior protection against rot and decay.

The Norselli Built team has replaced any rotted wood with new pieces for a flawless finish. The result is an elegant window trim design that will last for years to come.

Vintage Window Restoration

This window trim features a classic Georgian style with intricate lead glass windows and wavy glass panes. The window restoration is done to preserve the old home’s charm while adding a modern touch to it.

Combining the traditional elements and modern touches creates an inviting atmosphere that will bring peace and happiness to any home.

White Trim Against Grey Cladding

This stunning window tri features GAF cedar shake siding, double-hung windows with bow and bay window trims, and gutters and leaders for a classic look.

Foam Mouldings

Foam Mouldings Window Trim with Architectural Profiles External window trim
Source: @pwprofiles

This design features foam moldings, Window Trim, and architectural profiles. Combining these elements creates an elegant, modern look that will enhance the aesthetic of any home.

The moldings provide a soft texture to the design, while the window trim adds a classic touch with its clean lines. The architectural features add depth and character to the overall design, creating a unique and eye-catching effect.