25 Classy Lace Window Treatment Ideas

These are classy and creative ideas for using lace window treatments to add a touch of elegance and charm to any room Read on!

Lace window treatments can be a great way to add a touch of elegance and charm to any room. The key is to choose the right fabric, such as sheer white cotton or velvet, and layer it with heavier fabrics for more texture.

To create an eye-catching contrast, consider adding antique brass curtain rods or finials.

Other trending ideas with lace are window scarves, cafe curtains, and intricate ornaments that add texture to the decor.

Read on for more classy window decor ideas with lace.

Laces with Drapes

Create a vintage-inspired window treatment using an old-fashioned white lace fabric. The lace could be draped across the top of the window, with some draping panels on either side hanging down in graceful curves.

The window can also feature wooden frames and wavy glass panes, which would add further texture and charm to the overall look of the room. Consider adding some antique brass curtain rods or finials to pull the whole look together.

Floral Lace

Layer two different types of lace curtains. Choose one sheer and light fabric, such as white cotton, and one heavier fabric such as pale pink velvet.

Hang the lighter fabric over the heavier fabric so that it cascades down in soft folds, then add an elegant valance for a luxurious look. Hang a coordinating pink lampshade with floral wallpaper to create an eye-catching contrast against the lace curtains.

Tuscany Lace

Tuscany Lace Window Treatment lace window treatment
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Vintage lace curtains in an Eastlake style stained glass window. The curtains could be made of a light, airy fabric with intricate floral patterns and delicate details.

Add some McCoy pottery vases filled with summer bouquets on either side of the window.

Lace Window Treatment

Lace Window Treatment lace window treatment
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Dark lace curtains in a gothic-style kitchen. The curtains could be hung from an ornate metal rod, and the curtains themselves could feature intricate patterns or designs.

You could add some Ikea kitchen accessories such as black bar stools or a black chandelier to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Boho Lace

Vintage boho lace curtains with green wallpaper sourced from thrift stores or found on the side of the road. The curtains could then be hung on either side of a window, allowing light and views to pass through the lace, creating an intricate and beautiful pattern in addition to providing privacy.

This creates an aesthetic space with a unique and interesting charm.

Vintage Furniture

Lace curtain in front of a shabby chic secretary desk. The desk could be painted in a soft pink hue and paired with an antique chair with delicate lace detailing.

Add some vintage furniture pieces such as an armchair or side table, and accessorize with white and pink accents for a romantic, shabby chic feel.

Victorian Style

A classic white lace curtain hung over a wicker basket woven shade with honeycomb tile accents in a traditional farmhouse style. Add some of your favorite farmhouse decor such as vintage vases and antique pieces to tie it all together.

Colonial Wooden Window Trim

Hunter Rose Panels lace window treatment
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A custom-made Cooper Lace curtain with an Arts and Crafts Movement inspired pattern. The pattern could feature motifs such as flowers, leaves, or geometric shapes in muted colors like cream, beige, or light gray.

The Cooper Lace fabric gives the curtains a delicate and airy look while still providing privacy. You could add some cottage trim along the edges of the curtains for an extra touch of texture and charm.

Gothic Lace Curtains

Gothic Lace Curtains lace window treatment
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Create a Victorian-style window treatment, with dark lace curtains draped over the top. The colors of the lace and drapes should be in shades of black, deep purple, and red, with floral designs or other intricate patterns.

Use wrought iron curtain rods to add an extra touch of drama.

Cafe Curtains

Lace works as excellent cafe curtains. They offer the sheers valuable decorative effect while still providing privacy and daylight.

Sweet, Light, White Curtains

Use a white lace fabric with a sheer backing. This will provide some privacy while still allowing natural light to fill the room.

The white lace will add an elegant and romantic touch to the space, while the sheer backing will help diffuse any direct sunlight that may come in. To further enhance the look, consider adding a subtle pattern or color to the lace fabric, such as pale pink or blue.

Farmhouse Lace Window Treatment

A practical yet romantic way to add charm and character to any window is with a lace curtain. To create this look, choose a light-colored French style fabric with large floral lace accents.

Hang the curtains from a simple wooden Rod for an understated look that oozes country charm. Place a small white chair or loveseat in front of the window and adding some natural-colored throw pillows for the effect of rustic elegance.

Vintage Windows

Lace Window Treatment lace window treatment
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Vintage-inspired look with lace curtains and a brass bed frame. Hang the curtains from an antique wooden rod, and use Fenton glass finials.

The lace curtains could be made of a sheer fabric in a neutral color like white or cream, allowing natural light to filter through while still providing privacy. To add even more charm, you could add some decorative trim along the edges of the lace curtain panels.

Front Door Lace

This foyer has a sheer white lace curtain with an ornate bottom border. This gives the red door a more subtle look and will soften up the color.

The top of the curtains could be hung using decorative brass or gold rods to add even more elegance, and then you can finish off the look with some coordinating tiebacks for added texture.

Scottish Lace Paradiso Curtains

Lace curtains in a Victorian-style room. The curtains are made of sheer white or off-white lace fabric and hung from a rod with decorative finials.

Add some vintage accents such as an antique mirror or armchair, along with some floral patterns on the walls or bedding. You can also include other elements such as ornate trim around the windows and door frames to give it a more authentic feel.

Adaline Lace

A pair of vintage lace curtains in a shabby chic style. The curtains could be made from antique lace fabric and hung on either side of the window with a chippie bench placed beneath it for added charm.

Add some Victorian-style accessories such as ornate wall sconces or an antique mirror.

Gothic Decor

Gothic Decor lace window treatment
Source: @gothicdecor

Dark velvet curtains with intricate lace detailing. The curtains should be hung from a black metal rod and should have an ornate pattern of lace along the edges.

The curtains should be lined in a deep red or burgundy color to add to the dark aesthetic. Add some decorative tassels or fringe at the bottom of each curtain panel.

Rose Pattern

An original lace window treatment using a Cooper Lace, also known as Scottish Lace. This lace can be used to create period-style curtains that are designed to look like they belong in the 1910s or 1912 house.

The curtains should be hung on the original windows and could be finished off with a Glasgow Rose pattern for added detail. The lace window treatment will add a unique touch of elegance to any dining room design or decor.

Winter Lace

Lace fabric to create a simple, light-filtering curtain. This gives your windows a cozy and inviting look that complements the cold winter season.

To add a bit of extra flair, you could add in some small white details like embroidery or applique patterns on the lace fabric.

Lace and Wreaths

Use a combination of white lace curtains and Brume Window Film. The film will provide privacy while allowing light to pass through, while the lace curtains will add a touch of Victorian elegance.

The white walls and tongue-and-groove paneling of a traditional terrace house will provide the perfect backdrop for this combination. You could add a period style roll top bath and high cistern toilet as well as a clawfoot bathtub and bathroom suite in grey and white.

Bathroom Lace

A board and batten wall with a lace curtain hung from it is an ideal way to add vintage charm to any room. The board and batten create the structure of the window, while the lace curtain adds a touch of elegance.

Choose brass fixtures such as Kingston Brass, Harlequin floors, and vintage tubs and baths for the perfect cottage-style space. Incorporate wallpaper or country sampler prints for an antiqued home that will be sure to make all your followers swoon!

Sheer Lace and Houseplants

Use an old-fashioned style of lace curtains in a light green color, like matte green pottery, combined with orchid houseplants spread out around the window to add a touch of freshness.

You can hang antique pieces from Peters & Reed or Caproni Brothers on both sides of the window for decoration, such as brass wall sconces or vases with beautiful floral arrangements.

Ivory White Lace Curtains

Ivory White Lace Curtains from Cooperlace1 lace window treatment
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Create a layered look with sheer lace curtains and patterned wallpaper. Start by hanging a sheer white lace curtain on the window, then layer it with patterned wallpaper in a complementary color.

This combination of textures and colors will create an elegant and cozy atmosphere in any room.

Luxurious Lace

Water-Spitting Boiler Window Treatment lace window treatment
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An antique, Victorian-style look. You could hang lace curtains in a dark hue like navy or black and then add a mirror on the wall behind them for an extra touch of drama.

Accessorize with vintage-style furniture and decor items such as a velvet armchair or a chandelier with intricate details.