Tailor Your San Francisco Move to Fit Your Needs

As a San Francisco resident, you know even small moves can be a pain. Unless you’re moving to a new address with a driveway or dedicated parking spot, finding a place to park a moving truck can be a nightmare—then there’s the issue of the hills to account for. Trying to lug a heavy couch up or downhill requires a lot of strength and resilience.

Thankfully, it’s possible to take advantage of professional movers, regardless of the job’s size. Are you ready to learn more about tailored small moving services for San Francisco residents? Here’s what you should know to make your small move a stress-free experience.

Types of Small Move Services

Types of Small Move Services

You can choose from the different types of small move services when moving to San Francisco. You can always go the DIY route. Bribe a few friends and family members, preferably ones with trucks or cargo vans. Pick up some packing boxes. You can ask local retail and grocery stores for their extra boxes. You can also purchase boxes at most moving and shipping companies.

You’ll also need some packing tape and a few blankets. Don’t forget about packing paper. Any type of paper, including newsprint, will work in a pinch.

Does this sound like a lot of work? Well, it is a long, hard job packing, moving, and unpacking all of your belongings. Sometimes, the DIY moving method can end up costing more than hiring professionals.

Labor-only Moving Services

What if you don’t mind packing up your belongings and you have plenty of supplies like boxes on hand? If this applies to your situation, consider going with a labor-only moving option.

This means you’re responsible for packing everything that goes with you on the move. The professionals are only responsible for ensuring your stuff makes it to your new address.

Going with labor-only services is a great option if your new address is located on one of San Francisco’s notoriously hilly streets. Not only will the movers take care of finding a parking space, but they’ll also carry your belongings up or down the hill.

You can save a little on the move, but expenses can add up when you factor in supply costs.

Full-service Moving Company

You’re not alone if you hate every aspect of moving—you’ve got enough on your plate without trying to squeeze time in to box up your belongings, which is when a full-service moving company is often the best solution. Most companies will also let you tailor your small move to fit your needs. For example, you can pick the type of vehicle used for your move.

If it’s a small move, there’s probably no reason to pay for a full-size truck when a van has more than enough room to hold your stuff. From packing your belongings to delivery and helping with unboxing a full-service moving company will take care of everything. Yes, this is often the priciest option, but it also relieves most of your stress.

What to Look for in a San Francisco Moving Company

Finding a service to handle your small move is a breeze in San Francisco. Residents frequently move to a new home or apartment, especially if they can live a little closer to their job. San Francisco’s traffic can be a nightmare, adding hours to your daily commute times.

Before you settle on a company for your small move, do a little research. Read customer reviews and get recommendations from other San Francisco natives. Chances are, your friends or coworkers have moved at least once in the city.

Check for Licenses and Insurance

By law, all moving companies must be licensed and insured: California requires all professionals transporting household items to obtain a Household Mover permit. When it comes to insurance, this is a federal requirement. Professional movers must carry insurance on both their vehicles and the goods they’re moving.

Along with checking for licenses and insurance, you may also want to ask if the company performs background checks on its personnel. This isn’t technically necessary, but it can give you additional peace of mind. After all, you’re allowing strangers to transport your belongings to your new address.

Compare Prices and Get a Quote

Take some time to compare prices, and the complete cost of your small move can vary by company. When you find a price that fits your budget, get a quote in writing. You’ll also want to read the fine print to ensure there aren’t any additional service chargers. This way, it’s not a shock when you look at the final invoice.

Customize Your Small Move

Customize Your Small Move

Moving can certainly be stressful, but thankfully you don’t have to tackle it alone. With a little research, you can customize your small move to meet your needs. 

Consider your budget, get referrals, and don’t forget to check for licenses and insurance. Before long, you’ll be settled in your new San Francisco address.