Top 4 Tips to Declutter Your Home Before Moving Out

Moving out is the best time to declutter your belongings. It is when you can assess everything you own and decide whether a particular item is worth bringing to your new place.

Decluttering helps you streamline your packing process and reduces the amount of stuff you transport. Moving to a new state means a fresh start, and nobody wants to take things that are no longer useful to their new home. Moreover, the following article is here if you are looking for expert tips to help declutter your home before moving out.

Think about Your Lifestyle

If you are moving to Seattle from another state, you know how expensive this new change is. To make your life easier, you can rent a storage unit in Seattle to declutter your new space and give a fresh start to your life. Consider your lifestyle and assess if a particular item holds any value.

For instance, packing your gardening supplies if you are moving to a studio apartment is useless. Hence, instead of carrying them with you, you can sell them in a garage sale or use PODS containers to donate them to a friend who might need them.

Renting out a Storage Unit

Renting out a storage unit is the best solution to declutter your home and organize the living space. Minimal living has amazing mental health rewards, and getting rid of things that once were important but no longer serve you will help you feel rejuvenated and fresh.

You may have a lot of things lying around your house that you don’t need currently, but they will likely be useful in the future. With a storage unit such as PODS, you can easily free up the space in your home and make room for other important things.

Renting these containers offers a secure solution to protect your belongings from theft, harsh climate, and damage. Moreover, these containers also offer the flexibility to access them whenever needed, making them a convenient solution for decluttering.

Get a Floor Plan

If you are moving to a smaller apartment, it is important to have a floor plan beforehand. Chances are there won’t be enough space in your new apartment for all your belongings, and taking them along with you will make your apartment look messy and add up to the cost of moving to a new place.

A floor plan will help you decide what will fit your new house and help you get rid of things that are too big for your new apartment. Moreover, you can easily store the items that are no longer required in a storage unit that comes in sizes ranging from 8 ft to 16 ft.

Use the 90/90 Rule

The 90/90 rule is a great way to identify the truly useful items and those that are not. Think about the items that you have not used in the last 90 days; now, determine whether the said item will be of any use in the coming 90 days.

If both the answers are no, it is time to give them away. You can organize a garage sale or sell it online to declutter your space and earn extra money.

Embracing Minimal Living for a Healthy Life

In today’s overly materialistic world, it is hard to get rid of things that are no longer useful. However, decluttering is the best way to live a healthier and fulfilled life. One way to embrace a minimal life is by renting a storage unit that helps keep your valuable belongings that you don’t currently need safe.

Ultimately, embracing a minimal life means prioritizing well-being and finding joy in simple joys. And what better time to start than moving out to a new state?