25 Beautiful Large Living Room Window Ideas

Check out these modern large living room window ideas for your home. Make your space inviting and stylish!

Large living room window design and treatment ideas are popular now because they create a bright, airy atmosphere with plenty of natural light. Trending window designs include arched windows and classic drapes, which can bring texture and depth to the space.

Other popular designs include sheer curtains, blackout shades, patterned window treatments, stone fireplaces, and more. Additional elements for modern large living room windows give off that inviting atmosphere to make you feel at home.

Here are some ideas for your large living room windows. Make the window look grand, elegant, and timeless.

Natural Wood Floor Length Windows

It creates a bright and airy atmosphere with plenty of natural light. With this window, you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

For those looking for decorating ideas, the possibilities are endless – from sheer curtains to blackout shades and even patterned window treatments.

You can make it modern, rustic, or vintage. A living room with a large window is easy to decorate if you already have an idea.

Black Sheer Curtains

The natural light streams through the window to illuminate the furniture, flooring, and decor, creating an inspiring space for relaxation or entertaining.

DIY Home Decor with Shoji White Interior

The window is framed with a warm color, creating an inviting atmosphere. The surrounding walls are painted light shades of pale white.

A stone fireplace adds texture and depth to the room, while eclectic pieces bring a unique touch. Bright pops of color add vibrancy and life to the room as well.

Combined with these elements, this living room window idea creates an inviting atmosphere that will make anyone feel at home.

All White Windows

This white window creates a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for gathering with family and friends. Against the backdrop of cream walls, the combination of natural light beaming through the large window and calming furniture creates an ideal space for relaxation.

Add contrast with green indoor plants or black overhead lights. This makes the space more uniquely decorated and designed.

Classic Villa Window

This villa window is not your usual. It’s a combination of nature and modernity. There are plants, sliding glass panes, and more. This is perfect if you want a seamless view of your garden area or your backyard. Remember, simple is better.

Cream White Curtains

With its streamlined design, this window lets you enjoy the scenery while allowing airflow and providing insulation. Decorating with furniture and flooring can complement or contrast the window’s design, giving your living room a unique look.

Cozy Cathedral Shutters

Cathedral shutters look stylish. They have adjustable blinds to let you control how much light you want in your room. You can also always keep your privacy whenever you want.

This is an ideal design for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their interiors without compromising on function. The perfect balance between style and practicality makes this window ideal for any home improvement project.

Whether you want to make your bedroom, kitchen, or living room more inviting, this window will be the perfect addition to any interior design inspiration goals.

Glamorous Living Room with Artful Accents

Glamorous Living Room with Artful Accents large living room windows
Source: @2modern

If you’re more of an artsy person, you need a living room with many accents. The artful accents create a unique aesthetic, adding depth and character to the room.

This living room example has a uniquely-shaped coffee table, throw pillows in various sizes, and a chandelier that matches the entire space’s decor.

Floor-to-Ceiling Window

The white farmhouse look is enhanced by slip-covered furniture and cozy rugs. A chandelier hanging above adds a touch of glamour that brightens up the room even more.

For special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Super Bowl Sunday, you can add pops of color and festive decorations to make your living room look even more inviting.

To stay inspired, refer to homes design magazines for ideas on completing your farmhouse-style home.

Simple Solar Shades

Solar Shades provide maximum light control and insulation for this coveted pace while creating an inviting atmosphere for guests and homeowners. The sleek design lines and luxe fabrics bring style to any interior design.

For those looking for timeless elegance in their home, combining rich colors with luxurious textures is sure to turn heads.

Make it a dreamy home by picking the right wall color, the perfect window to match, and the correct accents to not dim the pieces you want visitors to focus on.

Cozy Room with a View

The elegant ceiling detail elegantly frames the window, while built-in shelves of the opportunity to display special items and add decorative touches.

Custom-built from quality materials, the fireplace serves as a centerpiece for the design, offering inspiration for cozy evenings and leisurely days.

Interior decorating ideas abound, with luxurious furnishings and inviting textiles to create a space that reflects personal style and taste.

This is undoubtedly an eye-catching piece in any traditional home builder’s portfolio!

Elegant French Window

The window is a focal point of the space, allowing natural light to flood and illuminate the interior details. To make the area more sustainable, retrofitting has been done to restore rather than replace existing elements.

This green architecture creates an inviting atmosphere that will be enjoyed for years.

Pink Curtains

The walls are decorated with pink accents that complement the luxurious curtains, while the furniture is upholstered in a soft, plush fabric. A light-filtering sheer curtain hangs behind the main velvet panel for added privacy.

An elegant chandelier above the window is the perfect finishing touch to this pink-hued decor.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

This statement window looks out onto the mountains and creates an unforgettable view of the first snowfall of 2020. The vaulted ceiling adds to the grandeur of the space while letting in plenty of natural light.

The classic Christmas colors and decor evoke a cozy feeling that is perfect for enjoying quality time with family or friends. Add some rustic furniture pieces for a farmhouse feel that exudes warmth and charm, making it an inspiring place to be all year round.

The Geometric View

The large window frames modern furniture around a round coffee table with styling accents such as books and greenery for an olive and ivory palette. With its bright and airy feel, this living room will become the family’s favorite spot!

Traditional Farm House Windows

It is framed with reclaimed barn wood for a rustic look that complements the vaulted ceilings and stone fireplace. The TV can be mounted above the fireplace for easy viewing in this stylishly-styled living space.

Soft pastel touches and muted tones warm this inviting family room design.

High-Ceiling Velvet Window Curtain

The double-hung window features picture windows that let in plenty of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The window is perfect for any festive decorations, making it the ideal addition to your holiday decorating.

Pick curtains with quality craftsmanship to ensure your window lasts for years. Make sure to pick the right contractors to work your home.

Whether you want to upgrade your living room decor or add some extra charm to your home, this window is perfect!

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Its wooden frame is painted in a jade color, perfectly matching the wooden floor and parking beneath it. The window is made of one, providing plenty of natural light to brighten the salon.

This living room design idea is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and style to their new home or existing dom. This unique solution lets you quickly transform any living room into something ordinary!

Holiday Living Room Decor

Designed with modern windows and window installation, it will bring plenty of natural light into your living space while providing an inspiring view. Customize your window with the best holiday look from all the examples in this list. You can also check out home magazines for more ideas for the perfect holiday decor.

Use experienced window installers to ensure the job is done correctly for an easy replacement process! When you’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful new addition that will help to modernize your home.

Floor-Length Velvet Curtains

Soft velvet curtains in a beautiful custom design hang from the bay windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The window treatments are finished with lovely town curtains that provide privacy and style.

Add simple accessories to the bay window decor, such as throws or cushions, to complete the look. This combination of elements creates a cozy and inviting space for friends, families, and guests.

Sky-High Glass Window

The double height space creates an open plan atmosphere that invites natural light to flood in, creating an inviting and cozy hygge home.

The large window frames the view of the outdoors, while the timber and cathedral windows add a touch of Scandi style to complete the look.

With careful interior styling, this living room decor is an inspiring Scandinavian living room haven.

Grand Entrance Window Design

Its simple yet elegant design allows natural light to flood the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The minimal wall art and decorations keep the focus on the window, allowing it to be the show’s star.

Floor-to-Ceiling Window

The large window allows natural light to flood the room, creating an inviting atmosphere. This design is perfect for custom homebuilding. It is ideal for those looking to create a unique and stylish home.

It also adds character to any interior design, making it perfect for anyone wanting to express their style and taste.

Neutral Tone Living Space

Mix Textures, Earth Tones, and a Showstopper Pendant large living room windows
Source: @2modern

Mix textures, earth tones, and a showstopping pendant for an eye-catching result. Combine elements, textures, and accessories to achieve the perfect living room you dream of. Make it inviting, cozy, and homey.

Large Bay Window with Stylish Seating

The large window provides plenty of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The oriel window extends from the wall, adding an interesting architectural element.

The built-in window seat is perfect for relaxing with coffee or tea while admiring the view outside. A modern coffee table adds to the stylish interior design, making this living room functional and beautiful.