20 Arched Window Covering Ideas

Follow us for some of the most creative ideas for covering arched windows to make the most of this remarkable feature.

Covering an arched window can be done in a variety of ways, such as with plantation shutters, Roman shades, screen shades, roller shades, honeycomb shades, sheer shades, or drapery panels and curtains.

The type of coverage needed (light control or privacy), and the desired look (elegant or modern) should be considered when selecting a window treatment style.

An Arch Window Valance is a trendy option that can provide blackout while still retaining the arch shape of the window.

Note: Measurements should be taken before purchasing or ordering any window treatments online or from a local store that offers installation services.

Arched Window Shutters

timanwindowtreatments.com arched window decor idea

Source: timanwindowtreatments.com

This story provides an idea for decorating arched windows with specialty window treatments. Plantation shutters, window blinds, and custom shades are all suggested as options to cover the windows while still maintaining their unique shape and style.

To make use of this idea, one should consider the type of coverage they need (light control, privacy, etc.), the look they want to achieve (elegant or modern), and any special considerations such as cordless/child-safe options or energy efficiency.

Once these factors have been determined, one can then choose from a variety of window treatment styles that will best suit their needs and aesthetic preferences.

Arch Window Valance

trendyblinds.ca arched window decor idea

Source: trendyblinds.ca

This story presents an idea for decorating arched windows with a valance. The Inside Mount Arch Window Valance is designed to provide blackout in the bedroom while still retaining the arch shape of the window.

It can be detached by the user for easy cleaning and re-attached without any tools required. Any drapery fabric can be used to match the shade below, making it a versatile and stylish option for any home.

To make use of this decor idea, simply measure your window and purchase or order an appropriate sized valance online or from a local store that offers installation services. Then hang it up on your arched window to instantly add style and privacy!

Arch Drapes

arched window drapes

Source: dcinteriors.net

DC Interiors presents an idea for custom arched window treatments, such as drapes, that can be used to enhance the decor of a room. The considerations discussed include how much privacy or light control is needed, which depends on how the room is utilized.

Maintain the Arch Shape

christineringenbach.wordpress.com arched window decor idea

Source: christineringenbach.wordpress.com

This story provides an example of how to decorate arched windows in a home. The idea is to maintain the arch shape by using fabric side panels and swags, accentuate tall arches with floor-length side panels on one rod, showcase the arches with side panels, short cuffs, and short rods, and play with shape by using multilevel elongated swags.

Classic Neutral Curtains

makingprettyspaces.com arched window decor idea

Source: makingprettyspaces.com

Making Pretty Spaces has an idea for decorating arched windows with drapery, shutters, or custom shades.

To make use of this idea, one should first measure the window to determine what type of treatment would be best suited for it.

Then they can choose a fabric or material that will match their desired aesthetic and fit within their budget. Finally, they can install the chosen window treatment and enjoy the new look!

Elegant Drapery

galaxy-design.com arched window decor idea

Source: galaxy-design.com

This arched window decor idea can be customized to fit the furniture and wall colors of any home. The drapery package includes quality workmanship, easy installation, guaranteed customer satisfaction, and affordable prices with flexible payment plans.

Multiple Arched Windows

classic arch window

Source: erikaward.com

Here’s Erika Ward’s idea for decorating a two-story great room with arched windows. The idea is to install medallions to hang sheer-lined draperies that gradually increase in length until they reach the peak in the middle of the wall and then descend again on the reverse side.

This will create a beautiful cascading effect that frames each window while still preserving the openness of the space and allowing natural sunlight to filter through.

Arched Windows Over Doors

lilyhodgsondesign.com arched window decor idea

Source: lilyhodgsondesign.com

The arched window is a classic and timeless design element that can be used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room.

You may also want to consider adding decorative trim or tassels for an extra special touch. Once you have your drapery panels in place, hang them from curtain rods or rings at the top of the arch for a finished look.

Finally, accessorize with coordinating pillows, throws, rugs, and other items to complete the look!

Bathroom Arched Window

bathroom arch window

Source: sunburstshutters.com

The story presents the idea of using custom arch shutters to cover the bathroom’s arched windows. Sunburst Shutters offers two types of arch shutters: sunburst arch shutters and louvered arch shutters.

Arched Curtain Rod

susandorbeck.com arched window decor idea

Source: susandorbeck.com

Susan presents an idea for decorating arched windows. The idea is to use a custom curtain rod with two separate rods, one for the geometric sheers and one for the stationary side panels.

The drapes should be cut on a slight angle along the top edge before they are pleated and then puddled to allow them to hang properly. This will create an elegant, sophisticated look that can provide both privacy and control of sunlight in the room.

To make use of this decor idea, measure your window carefully and purchase or have custom curtains made that fit your window perfectly. Hang the curtains using a double rod system as described in this story, making sure to cut them on an angle at the top edge before pleating them and puddling them at the bottom.

Blackout Curtains

americanblinds.com arched window decor idea

Source: americanblinds.com

This story presents an arched window decor idea using Bella View products.

These curtains are designed to block light and glare while providing excellent light control. They can be used to create a beautiful look in any room with an arched window.

Room Darkening Curtains

2pawsdesigns.com arched window decor idea

Source: 2pawsdesigns.com

2paws Designs suggests an arched window decor idea that involves using room-darkening curtains to block out light and heat. The curtains should be hung on a rod, with the arch window being the main source of light in the room.

This will help diffuse the light and create a more finished look in the room. Additionally, it can help make sleeping easier by blocking out any outside noise or light that may disturb sleep.

Roller Shades

arched valance

Source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Emily Henderson provides an arched window decor idea that can be used to dress up any room. The idea is to use a combination of curtains, custom curved rods, valances, and accordion-style shades to create a unique look for the windows.

For arched windows, it is suggested to go with a more simple treatment that doesn’t take over the wall or the window. This could include hanging curtains just in between two windows or taking them all the way up to the top of the window if there is enough ceiling height and wall space available.

If there isn’t enough room for hanging curtains then one could opt for installing custom roman shades that fit inside of the window shape while still providing privacy and light filtering when needed.

For tiered windows, it is suggested to treat only the bottom set of windows with drapery while leaving uppers untreated so as not to overwhelm a room with too much fabric on walls.

Roller shades or roman shades are also recommended for complex walls of stacked windows in order to provide privacy without having curtains hung too low on walls.

Curtain Rod Below the Arch

chrislovesjulia.com arched window decor idea

Source: chrislovesjulia.com

The idea is to hang a curtain rod below the arch of the window, so that the top block of the curtain lines up with the window line.

This creates a more elegant look than hanging curtains low at the straight edge, and also allows for more privacy when needed. To make use of this idea, measure your window and purchase a curtain rod that is slightly longer than your measurement to ensure it fits properly above your arch.

Curtains Inside the Arch

mydecoratingtips.com arched window decor idea

Source: mydecoratingtips.com

This is a step-by-step guide on how to cover an arched window. It explains the necessary measurements, fabric and trim selection, making of swags and jabot, mounting draperies on boards, decorative crown for arched curtains, attaching the crown to the top board and adjusting sides of drapes.

Drapes with Tiebacks

ronicascustomcreations.com arched window decor idea

Source: ronicascustomcreations.com

Create a beautiful and unique look in any room. The idea involves using sheer pencil pleat panels, floppy top panel drapes, striped living room drapes, traditional goblet pleats, and other types of drapery to frame the window.

Additionally, decorative hardware such as drapery rods, finials, holdbacks, medallions and tie backs can be used to add extra detail and texture to the design.

Floral Patterns

catherinelepreux.co.uk arched window decor idea

Source: catherinelepreux.co.uk

The idea involves using pinch-pleated curtains with trimmings, tiebacks, and custom tracks to frame the window perfectly while still allowing enough light into the room.

Additionally, adding a pompom edge trim to the leading edges of the curtains can add a playful design element that will make the window stand out even more.

This is an ideal solution for those looking for creative ways to dress up their arched windows without compromising on style or functionality.

Arched Curtain Rods

dengarden.com arched window decor idea

Source: dengarden.com

Another idea is to install curved curtain rods outside the arch, creating a striking look.

Another option is to use semi-custom curtains by sewing loops or ties along the top hem and installing inexpensive drawer knobs or drapery medallions along and above the arch in increments corresponding to the curtain loops or ties.

Standard curtains can also be used by running a rod across the upper one-third of an arched window and hanging ready-made panels over the lower portion.

Swag curtains can be created using scarves or lengths of sheer fabric hung from decorative tiebacks installed at each side of the window where it starts its vertical descent.

Finally, custom arched curtain rods are available for purchase online if desired.

Pull-up Curtain

sunshinedrapery.com arched window decor idea

Source: sunshinedrapery.com

The idea is to use pull-up curtains below the arch. This way you’re pulling the curtain up to uncover the arched window. You’re not hiding the visually attractive window but still can get the privacy you want when you unfold the curtain.

The A-shape

instagram.com arched window decor idea

Source: instagram.com

This modern farmhouse living room decor idea makes use of an arched window to create a unique and inviting atmosphere.

Hang curtains to form the A-shape along the ceiling. This way the arch gets an entirely different but modern look.