Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows: Understanding the Advantages for Your Home

Hurricane impact windows offer superior protection against severe weather conditions, enhancing home safety and potentially saving on insurance costs.

Hurricane impact windows not only provide an essential line of defense against severe storms but also offer numerous other benefits that enhance the value and efficiency of your home.

These sturdy windows reduce energy costs, increase security, block UV rays, and even reduce noise pollution.

This article delves into these advantages in detail, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about installing hurricane impact windows in your home.

Key takeaways:

  • Hurricane impact windows provide superior protection during severe weather.
  • They increase home safety and potentially save on insurance costs.
  • These windows reduce energy costs and block UV rays and noise pollution.
  • Impact windows offer enhanced security against burglaries.
  • They increase the value and curb appeal of your home.

How Hurricane Impact Windows Work

Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane impact windows, also known as impact-resistant windows, are built to withstand high-pressure winds and flying debris. They consist of a heavy-duty frame combined with impact-resistant laminated glass and a special silicone glazing process to prevent breakage.

The essential components behind their functioning include:

  • Impact-resistant laminated glass: This is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered, preventing shards from flying about. Typically, it comprises two layers of glass bonded together with a tough, plastic interlayer.

Heavy-duty frame: A robust frame directly contributes to the strength of the window, enhancing its durability and ability to withstand strong winds.

Silicone glazing: This is the process by which the glass is securely held in place within the frame. Silicone glazing prevents the window from breaking apart under high wind pressure.

The design and construction methods of hurricane impact windows are crucial to their effectiveness. Specifically, during a storm, the atmospheric pressure inside your house can rise to dangerous levels if a window or door is broken and allows wind to enter. These windows protect your home from this potential hazard.

Remember, installing hurricane impact windows requires professional assistance. It’s not like a standard window installation; special training and tools are required to ensure proper setup and maximize their efficiency.

Safety and Security Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Storm Protection Impact Glass

Firstly, these windows are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, efficiently shielding your home from dangerous wind-borne debris during hurricane season. They offer an additional layer of protection against burglaries as well, due to their strong, shatter-resistant design that makes it difficult for unwanted intruders to break in.

Secondly, in case of sudden pressure changes during a hurricane, old traditional windows may shatter causing sharp glass fragments flying around. Impact windows, on the other hand, if they break, crack in a ‘spider web’ pattern, not shattering, minimizing the risk of injury.

Thirdly, for families living in areas prone to natural disasters, not having to continually install and remove hurricane shutters can be a significant safety advantage. Once installed, impact windows offer constant protection seasons after seasons, eliminating the hazard of climbing ladders or the potential for injury when installing shutters.

Finally, with hurricane impact windows in place, the structural integrity of the home is maintained even during extreme weather events. Even if the window were to crack under the most intense pressure, the interlayer keeps the window intact, preventing catastrophic home damage due to sudden wind intrusion.

In terms of actionable steps, homeowners can consult with local window installation professionals who specialize in these types of windows for a home assessment. Explore various design options that blend safety with aesthetics to enhance the security and appeal of your home. Always focus on certifications and consider hiring a licensed contractor to ensure proper installation.

Noise Reduction Advantage of Hurricane Impact Windows

Benefits of Impact Windows

Equipped with a robust dual-pane construct, these windows aid in buffering noise from the outside environment. This feature is particularly helpful for residences located in noisy neighborhoods or bustling city centers.

First, the thickness of the glass and the gap between the two panes contribute significantly to this noise reduction. This setup works to block the sound waves, dampening the noise level before it enters your home.

Second, the laminated glass used in these windows adds an extra layer of noise protection. The special resin layer in the middle of two glass sheets can absorb and reduce more noise compared to standard glass.

Lastly, consider that the robust framing and secure seals of these windows also play a part. These design aspects contribute to blocking off potential weak points, helping to prevent noise leaks.

To take advantage of these noise reduction benefits, homeowners should ensure the proper installation of these windows, as a poorly installed window may not offer the same level of noise reduction. It might be worth hiring an experienced professional for the job to guarantee the windows function to their full potential.

Remember, noise reduction is just one of the benefits that come with the installation of hurricane impact windows, contributing to an overall enhanced quality of life.

Energy Efficiency of Hurricane Impact Windows

energy efficiency window

Hurricane impact windows offer superior insulation compared to standard windows, reducing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. They have a remarkable ability to maintain a steady indoor temperature, courtesy of their advanced construction and materials.

Triple-layered glass incorporated in these windows forms a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer and maintaining balance in a room’s temperature. This results in decreased dependence on air conditioning systems during hot, summer months and reduced reliance on heating during the cold season.

Furthermore, the level of insulation in hurricane windows impedes cold air from entering the home during the winter, and prevents cool, conditioned air from escaping in the summer. This improved home’s energy efficiency can significantly lower the cost of utility bills.

The use of Low-E coatings further increases energy efficiency. These microscopic layers, sometimes added to the surface of window panes, aid in regulating the transfer of heat. For hot climates, the coating is applied to the exterior of the glass to reflect the sun’s heat and keep the interior cool.

By adopting hurricane impact windows, homeowners can enjoy a more comfortable living environment, experience lower energy consumption, and contribute to a greener and more sustainable planet.

Role of Impact Windows in Solar Protection

Impact On Energy Efficiency Black Frame

Hurricane impact windows feature specialized laminated glass which plays a significant role in solar protection, making them a stellar addition to your home, particularly in sunny climates.

First, these windows minimize solar heat gain, keeping your home cooler without overtaxing your air conditioning system. They achieve this by reflecting a good portion of the sun’s heat due to their inherent reflective properties.

In addition, the laminated glass of impact windows reduces solar glare. This can increase comfort for occupants by eliminating harsh, direct sunlight.

Another advantageous aspect is their ability to block harmful UV rays, which are known to fade and discolor furniture, rugs, and curtains over time. With hurricane impact windows, you can enjoy the sunlight without it taking a toll on your interiors.

Remember, solar protection in impact windows is a layer of defense above and beyond their primary role of hurricane protection. They assist in creating a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment, while protecting your home’s aesthetic value from sun damage, all year-round.

Impact On Home Insurance Costs By Installing Hurricane Windows


Installing hurricane impact windows can positively affect homeowners’ insurance costs. These protective window systems are recognized by insurers for their superior features and robust structure that could reduce the degree of damage from severe weather conditions.

This installation could potentially lead to lower premium costs. It becomes possible because insurance companies consider the decreased risk of damage. Hence, the lower chances of claim submissions lead to decreased insurance overheads.

Since hurricane impact windows are a preventative measure, some insurances may also offer a rebate or discount for installing them. They may provide one-time offer or annual discount on premiums. Homeowners should consult their insurance provider for specifics or potential discounts offered.

Furthermore, these installations could protect against insurance rate hikes following a hurricane. While rates generally tend to increase following a natural disaster, having such preventative measures in place can prevent your personal rates from soaring.

Lastly, documenting the hurricane window installation accurately and thoroughly is crucial. Insurance companies will likely require proof of installation and type of windows installed, so be sure to keep all receipts or certificates from the installation. Remember to update your inventory and hazard mitigation documentation after such installations too.

How Impact Windows Increase Your Home’s Value

house property value

The primary way impact windows add value is by enhancing curb appeal. First impressions have a significant influence when selling a house. Updated windows, with their sleek design, make a property more attractive.

Secondly, they provide long-term cost savings. They reduce energy costs by keeping the home at a consistent temperature, lowering the use of air conditioning or heating. These savings can be a selling point for potential buyers who are conscious of running costs.

Thirdly, they offer protection from severe weather. This is particularly appealing in areas prone to hurricanes, where potential buyers may be prepared to pay extra for a home which is already equipped with impact windows.

Another way they add value is by offering noise reduction. Homes near busy streets or public areas can greatly benefit from this feature, making the property more appealing to buyers.

Finally, due to their durability, they require less maintenance than traditional windows. The reduced upkeep is attractive to prospective buyers, adding further value to your home.

Are Hurricane Impact Windows Worth the Investment?

electricity Cost Savings Analysis

While initial expenditures for hurricane impact windows are higher than those for regular windows, their total economic impact is notable.

Firstly, they provide significant savings on energy costs. Their superior insulation ability helps contain inside temperature, reducing both heating and cooling expenses.

Additionally, they could lead to insurance premium discounts. Many insurance companies lower rates for homeowners with hurricane protection measures, including hurricane impact windows.

Also, their robust construction and durability mean fewer expenses over time. Unlike traditional windows, they are built to endure severe weather conditions without needing replacement or repair.

Lastly, investing in these windows can significantly increase your property’s market value. Prospective buyers likely prefer homes with built-in protection against extreme weather, making your property a more appealing option.

In essence, while the upfront cost may seem steep, the long-term financial benefits make hurricane impact windows a wise investment.

Maintenance and Longevity of Hurricane Impact Windows

woman cleaning window

Hurricane impact windows, in comparison to ordinary windows, offer superior longevity, primarily due to their robust construction. They are tough enough to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring they remain functional for a longer period.

The maintenance for these window types is relatively low-key. Regular cleaning with a mild, non-abrasive window cleaner is sufficient to keep the windows clear and streak-free. Always use a soft cloth or sponge to avoid scratching the surface of the glass.

For the aluminum or vinyl frames, also use a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid scraping or using abrasive products that could damage the frames’ finish.

The gasket and weather-stripping which provide an extra barrier to wind and rain over time may need replacement. Regularly check these, especially after heavy weather conditions.

In terms of mechanical parts such as locks and hinges, occasional lubrication may be required to keep them in optimal working condition.

Following these simple maintenance steps will ensure you get significant longevity from your hurricane impact windows, without compromising on their functionality or aesthetic appeal.

UV Radiation Blockage By Hurricane Impact Windows

Uv protection

One of the significant advantages of hurricane impact windows is their ability to block ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This feature offers dual benefits.

Firstly, it helps protect the interior of the home. UV radiation can cause fade damage to carpets, furniture, and artwork, gradually wearing out their appearance. By installing these windows, you ensure that your belongings are shielded from harmful UV rays, allowing them to maintain their color and quality for longer.

Secondly, these windows have health benefits. Overexposure to UV radiation can result in skin damage, premature aging, and significantly increase the risk of skin cancer. By blocking a majority of UV radiation, hurricane impact windows can contribute to reducing these health risks.

While it’s important to note that these windows don’t block 100% of UV radiation, they do block up to 99%, dramatically reducing exposure at home. This UV blockage can be further enhanced with additional treatments or tints applied to the window glass. Various options are available on the market to cater to a homeowner’s individual needs and budget considerations.

Finally, it’s crucial to have these windows professionally installed to ensure maximum UV protection. Qualified installers can not only guide you towards the most effective products but also guarantee proper installation for optimal performance.


Are hurricane impact windows worth it?

Hurricane impact windows are worth it as they can yield substantial savings in energy costs and mitigate potential storm damage, effectively adding value to your property.

What are the negatives of impact windows?

Impact windows, while effective and long-lasting, are considerably more expensive than standard non-impact windows, potentially doubling the initial installation costs.

What is the difference between impact windows and hurricane impact windows?

Impact windows safeguard against wind and debris, while hurricane impact windows, also designed for similar protection, adhere to specific building codes and local regulations for added resilience against hurricanes.

How much value does hurricane windows add?

Hurricane-proof windows can increase the value of your home by providing a return on investment between 75-85%, especially if selling or refinancing your home is in your near-future plans.

How do hurricane impact windows contribute to energy efficiency?

Hurricane impact windows contribute to energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer, improving insulation, and minimizing air leakage, thereby cutting down on the energy required for heating and cooling the house.

Can hurricane impact windows contribute to noise reduction?

Yes, hurricane impact windows can significantly contribute to noise reduction due to their thick glass and tight seals.

What sets hurricane impact windows apart in terms of safety and security?

Hurricane impact windows are distinguished by their strong laminated glass and durable frames specifically designed to resist high wind pressures and flying debris, ensuring high levels of safety and security for homes in hurricane-prone regions.