The Top 10 Window Cleaning Industry Statistics

Dive into the dynamic world of the window cleaning industry as we unravel its significant statistics, highlighting trends and growth trajectories that shape this thriving sector.

Diving straight into the sparkling world of the window cleaning industry, it’s clear that this sector is much more than just squeegees and buckets. In the U.S. alone, the industry enjoys a yearly revenue of roughly $2 billion, according to IBISWorld. An astonishing figure, isn’t it?

And it’s not just about money; the industry also provides jobs for more than 12,000 people (in the US alone.) With the automatic cleaning segment at a growth rate of 17% per annum, this industry is not only surviving but thriving.

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Stay with me as we delve deeper into this fascinating industry, exploring trends, market shares, and the key players who are shaping the future of window cleaning.

12,244 window cleaners are employed in the US

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of professionals dedicated to this labor-intensive job is noteworthy. As of the last count, the workforce comprises 12,244 individuals.

These committed professionals ensure the aesthetic appeal of homes and businesses across the nation, and they play a crucial role in the maintenance and preservation of both residential and commercial properties.

10.6% of window cleaners are women

While traditionally perceived as a male-dominated field, a significant minority of window cleaners are female. They constitute 10.6% of the workforce, contributing to the breadth and diversity in this industry sector.

This figure, although modest, represents a change in social and industry norms and reflects the increasing presence of women in various fields of work.

89.4% of window cleaners are men

Diving deeper into gender ratios, it is notable that men dominate the industry, holding almost 90% of roles. This high prevalence of male professionals is consistent and stable, leading to the question of whether industry norms and expectations play a role in attracting primarily men.

Despite this, women have proved to be a significant minority, making valuable contributions to the industry. The noteworthy point is that there’s room for increased female participation to leverage untapped talent in the window cleaning sector.

With so many skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds, the industry’s gender gap presents an opportunity for growth and diversification.

The average age of an employed window cleaner is 44 years old

Despite the physically demanding nature of the profession, the majority of those employed in the industry are not in their prime physical years. Hovering around middle age, the median age of window cleaners in the U.S stands at 44. This suggests significant experience and expertise within the field, which may play a crucial role in ensuring safety standards and quality of work. It also indicates the job’s potential for longevity and a stable career path.

The US window cleaning market size is $2B

Amassing a significant $2 billion, the window cleaning market within the United States presents a formidable sector within the wider cleaning industry. This substantial figure not only indicates the high demand for professional window cleaning services but also signifies the broad scope of business opportunities stemming from both residential and commercial fields.

Automatic window cleaning industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17%

Presently experiencing a rapid evolution, the future brings promising opportunities for this sector. With an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17%, the industry is projected to experience significant growth in the coming years.

This expansion can be attributed to the increasing demand for professional cleaning services in residential and commercial settings. Therefore, it is anticipated that the industry will continue its growth trajectory, further fostering opportunities for businesses and job seekers alike.

The window cleaning industry is estimated to reach market revenue of $2,300 Million by 2028

With significant growth anticipated, the market revenue for the window cleaning sector looks set to reach an impressive milestone in the next few years. By 2028, business earnings could skyrocket to an estimated $2,300 Million. This projection mirrors the increasing demand for professional window cleaning services, reflecting both expanding commercial infrastructures and the higher standards of cleanliness required in residential and corporate environments.

The forecasted revenue highlights the industry’s robust health and growing contribution to the national economy.

A window cleaner’s salary in the United States is $38,200

Primarily, earnings in the window cleaning industry vary depending on factors such as experience, level of responsibility, and geographical location. Nationwide, the median annual remuneration for these professionals sits at approximately $38,200.

The window cleaner’s salary ranges from $34,583 to $42,967

The substantive pay range does extend between a lower boundary of roughly $34,583 and an upper limit close to $42,967. These figures manifest the industry’s capacity to offer competitive wages, particularly to individuals possessing significant expertise or those functioning in areas with high demand for window cleaning services.



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