15 R&R Wrap Wood Window Frame & Trim with Aluminum Sheet Ideas

Revamping your wood window frames with aluminum wrap not only shields them from the elements but also offers a sleek, modern upgrade.

Matte Charcoal Black Aluminum Wrap for a Modern Look

matte charcoal black aluminum wrap for a modern look

Matte charcoal black aluminum wrap adds a sleek and contemporary aesthetic to your wooden window frames and trim.

Bright White Aluminum Trim for a Classic Clean Edge

bright white aluminum trim for a classic clean edge

Bright white aluminum trim offers a timeless finish for your window frames and trim, providing a clean and classic aesthetic that enhances the overall look of your home.

Copper-toned Aluminum for a Rustic Feel

copper toned aluminum for a rustic feel

Elevate your home’s exterior with copper-toned aluminum, adding a touch of rustic charm effortlessly.

Brushed Aluminum for a Subtle Texture

brushed aluminum for a subtle texture

Brushed aluminum adds a touch of sophistication to your wood window frames and trim, giving them a subtle texture that elevates the overall look.

Gunmetal Gray Aluminum for a Sleek and Industrial Vibe

gunmetal gray aluminum for a sleek and industrial vibe

Gunmetal gray aluminum wrap offers a sleek, industrial vibe, perfect for modernizing wood window frames and trims with a contemporary edge.

Bold Blue Aluminum to Add a Pop of Color

bold blue aluminum to add a pop of color

Bold blue aluminum trim can add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to your window frames and trim, instantly elevating your home’s curb appeal with a pop of color that stands out.

Green Aluminum to Blend With Garden-focused Exteriors

green aluminum to blend with garden focused exteriors

Green aluminum trim can seamlessly integrate your windows with lush garden surroundings.

Red Aluminum for a Statement Piece On Your Facade

red aluminum for a statement piece on your facade

Add a bold and eye-catching touch to your home’s exterior with red aluminum wrap. It’s a striking choice that makes a statement.

Champagne Color Aluminum for a Touch of Elegance

champagne color aluminum for a touch of elegance

Champagne color aluminum adds a touch of elegance to your window frame, elevating your home’s aesthetic with a subtle yet sophisticated hue.

Bronze Aluminum Wrap to Complement Wooden Textures

bronze aluminum wrap to complement wooden textures

Bronze aluminum wrap offers a sophisticated touch to wooden window frames, blending seamlessly with the natural textures for a cohesive and stylish look.

Silver Reflective Aluminum for Light-enhancing Purposes

silver reflective aluminum for light enhancing purposes

Silver reflective aluminum utilized on window frames to enhance natural light indoors.

Textured Aluminum With a Wood Grain Pattern

textured aluminum with a wood grain pattern

Textured aluminum with a wood grain pattern adds a natural touch to your window frame, bringing warmth and sophistication to your home’s exterior.

Aluminum With Embossed Geometric Patterns for Added Dimension

aluminum with embossed geometric patterns for added dimension

Aluminum with embossed geometric patterns adds depth and visual interest to window frames and trims, elevating the overall aesthetic of your home exterior.

Two-toned Aluminum Wraps to Create a Unique Visual Contrast

two toned aluminum wraps to create a unique visual contrast

Two-toned aluminum wraps combine contrasting colors to add visual interest and depth to your window frames and trim, creating a striking design element that stands out.

Weathered Aluminum for an Antique Look

weathered aluminum for an antique look

Weathered aluminum adds a vintage charm to your window frames and trim, giving your home an antique aesthetic effortlessly.