10 Essential Roof Window Statistics Unveiled: A Detailed Insight

Explore the fascinating world of roof windows, their diverse types and benefits, as well as their impact on home aesthetics and energy efficiency in this comprehensive blog post.

Diving right into the world of roof windows, it’s fascinating to see how this industry has evolved over the years. Recent statistics reveal an upward trend in the popularity and demand for roof windows, primarily driven by the increasing consumer interest in enhancing natural light and ventilation in their homes.

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Whether you’re interested in market growth, consumer preferences, or the latest energy efficiency data, this article delves into all these aspects, providing an in-depth analysis of the current roof window statistics.

Stay with me to uncover the intriguing numbers and trends shaping this industry.

Roof window market size is growing at a CAGR of 4.13% during 2022- 2030

According to a recent market analysis, the forecast period of 2022 to 2030 sees the roof window sector on a steady ascent, with an annual growth rate calculated at 4.13%. The expansion drive is influenced largely by a increased demand for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions in building construction.

This statistic signifies that manufacturers are slated to witness promising opportunities in the near term, driving the industry forward into the next decade. The positive trajectory also implies that architects and homeowners will have access to a widening array of options, as manufacturers innovate to meet demand.

The global roof window market accounted for USD 3.23 Billion in 2022

To fully understand this figure, it’s important to consider its context in the entire window market and its growth trends over time. Regional market variations, the popularity of different roof window types, and market drivers and barriers are essential factors to consider. Additionally, currency fluctuations and inflation can influence the real value of this market size. A comprehensive analysis provides a clearer picture of market dynamics and opportunities.

Roof window market is expected to reach USD 4.4 Billion by 2030

This indicates a positive trend and potential expansion in the sector. This suggests increasing demand, possibly driven by architectural trends, sustainability focuses, or technological innovations in window design. Investors, manufacturers, and stakeholders should monitor this market closely for opportunities.

Asia-Pacific region held the largest roof window market share in 2022

With a substantial increase in construction activities, the Asia-Pacific region carved out a substantial share of the global roof window market in 2022.

Responsive regulatory policies, coupled with a rising affinity for energy-efficient solutions, drove exponential growth.

Rapid urbanization, especially in countries like China and India, notably boosted their market positions.

Emerging trends such as “green building” initiatives also paved the way for heightened demand for energy-efficient roof windows, securing Asia-Pacific’s lead in the market.

The roof window residential segment held the largest market share in 2022

Experiencing a surge in demand, the residential segment dominated the roof window industry in 2022. This upward trend stems mainly from an increased focus on enhancing natural lighting in homes and reducing energy consumption.

Dynamic shifts in design trends toward more sustainable and eco-friendly living spaces have bolstered homeowners’ preference for roof windows, a factor that has significantly contributed to the expansion of market share in this sector.

Enhancements in roof window technology offering enhanced insulation, noise reduction, also play substantial roles, pushing forward the popularity of these features in residential structures.

Roof window brands used the most by U.S. construction firms in 2014

Analyzing the data from 2014, U.S. construction firms primarily favored two major roof window brands. Velux stood out as the most utilized, with its product quality and diversified offerings resonating with a significant percentage of the industry. FAKRO held the second position, well-regarded for its innovation and competitive pricing.

This preference underscored these brands’ strong marketplace presence, setting the stage for future trends in roof window usage among construction firms.

56 percent of the customers use Velux brand the most

Drawing insight from recent surveys, an intriguing trend in brand preference has emerged. Over half of those surveyed, representing a significant 56%, indicated their preference for the Velux brand when selecting roof windows.

This strong leaning towards Velux underscores the brand’s reputation for superior quality and trusted performance in the marketplace.

This dominance in consumer preference places Velux clearly ahead of competing roof window manufacturers, shedding light on the patterns of consumption within this particular industry.

In 2021, Velux, a leading player in the roof window market, launched its new Velux Active with Netatmo system

This new offering from Velux spells a significant advancement in the roof window industry.

The Velux Active with Netatmo system employs smart sensor technology to automatically control the opening and closing of roof windows, blinds, and shutters in accord with atmospheric conditions.

The goal beyond this savvy innovation is optimizing indoor climate, which yields gains in energy efficiency and living comfort alike.

In 2021, FAKRO, a leading manufacturer of roof windows, launched its innovative Z-Wave roof window

Embracing innovation to enhance user experience and convenience, FAKRO introduced the innovative Z-Wave roof window to the global market last year.

This progressive solution redefines traditional approaches to window usage with its automated, smart-home compatible functionality.

Users can now remotely operate the window, manipulate light exposure and ventilation, all through a smartphone or smart home system.

This innovative leap by FAKRO shows promise for the future of the roof window industry, showcasing the rising advent of smart, automated homes.

The global roof window market is expected to grow annually at a promising CAGR of around 4.13%

Driven by an increase in construction activities worldwide and more homeowners investing in home improvement and renovation, the demand for roof windows is on the rise.

The anticipated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) stands at an optimistic 4.13%.

This refers to an expected steady expansion of the market, spanning through the decade from 2022 to 2030.

This growth pattern is in part, a reflection of the increasing global emphasis on energy-efficient and eco-friendly home solutions, as roof windows contribute to natural ventilation and lighting.


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