How to Install Security Bars on Existing Windows

Thinking of installing security bars on your home’s existing windows? You’re not alone. More people than ever before are fitting these types of bars for the protection and peace of mind they provide.

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to install window security bars yourself, the answer is yes – in most cases, it’s a relatively simple task that should only take an hour or two. How to go about doing this? Keep reading for all the information you need to get started. 

Benefits of Fitting Security Bars on Your Windows

Benefits of Fitting Security Bars on Your Windows

The main benefit of installing security bars on existing windows is to help residents keep themselves, their property and their possessions safe. For those with apartments on the ground floor, they are particularly appealing, as for people who live in areas with relatively high crime rates.

As well as providing an extra element of home security, these types of bars tend to be cost-effective, easy to maintain, and come in a range of colors, so they can blend in with the exterior of your property.

Installing Interior Security Bars

These types of security bars have to fit inside the interior of the window frame and usually come in a kit that contains everything you need to install them, including full instructions.

To fit interior security bars, you usually have to screw one of the rails into the window frame, then slide the second rail onto the bar set, and then slide the bars into the rail that’s attached to the window frame. Finally, the other rail needs to be secured to the frame.

Most sets of security bars have quick-release mechanisms, meaning you can open them like a door or remove the bars from the window altogether. To satisfy ADA egress requirements, they must provide a 20-inch wide and 24-inch high escape opening.

If the bars you’re planning to install have a locking mechanism that requires a key to open, you’ll need to check with your building department (if relevant) before fitting them. As there’s a chance that the key could get lost, these types of security bars may not satisfy safety egress requirements.

Installing Exterior Security Bars

Installing Exterior Security Bars

Mounting exterior security bars on a single window is a job you may be able to undertake yourself, depending on the siding material. Simply position the bars where you want them to go, use a spirit level to level them both vertically and horizontally and mark the positions of the holes on the mounting brackets.

Next, drill a pilot hole on each mark, put the bars in place, and secure them by driving a non-reversing security screw into each hole.

If you’ll be mounting the security bars on masonry, brick, or stone, you’ll need to first drill a hole using a masonry bit large enough for a conical screw anchor. Have a bow of water to hand, to periodically dip the bit into to prevent it from overheating.

Drill a hole that’s ½ inch to one inch deeper than the length of the screw and, once done, tap in the anchor. Once all the anchors are in place, the security bars can be mounted.

Before going ahead with the installation, however, you’ll need to check with your local code requirements, as these types of security bars don’t allow egress. However, if sufficient egress is provided via other windows in the house, they are likely to be allowable.

Don’t Forget to Check with Your Landlord If You Rent

One second, though! If you rent your property, don’t forget to check with your landlord before installing security bars to any of the windows in the property. Not doing so could land you in hot water with your landlord – you may even lose your security deposit. When seeking approval, be sure to undertake all communication in writing and keep copies of this. 

Remember: Your Broken Window May be Covered by Your Insurance

If you’re thinking about putting up security bars on your windows as you’ve recently had a breakage, remember that a broken window might be covered by your homeowners insurance policy, so check with your insurance provider as well as heading out to buy security bars.

Apart from in cases where the window has been damaged, or the glass has been broken due to a lack of proper maintenance or general wear and tear, your policy may cover you for its repair.

Window Security Bars: Providing Protection and Peace of Mind

If you’re concerned about the possibility of a home invasion or simply want the peace of mind that comes with having an additional layer of security, then installing window bars on your home’s existing windows could be the perfect solution. Cost-effective and easy to fit, security bars deliver impressive protection for your home and family.