Andersen Windows: The Latest Innovations and Technological Advances

Andersen Corporation is a leading American company specializing in window production. It was founded in 1903 and remains one of the best manufacturers of window systems in the United States. The company is known worldwide for its high-quality and stylish designs, as well as innovative technologies for home comfort.

The window profile sealing system (Fibrex technology) is one of the latest innovations. This unique combination of wood and vinyl composite material provides improved window sealing, weather resistance, and durability. Thanks to this innovation, Andersen windows are highly energy efficient; they maintain a comfortable room temperature and reduce energy costs for heating and air conditioning.

This is just one of the innovative technologies Andersen Corporation uses today. It offers many interesting solutions that help the company stand out for its high-quality and cost-saving windows. This article is exactly about that. Here, you will find useful information about Andersen’s technological advances.

The biggest benefit of their advanced technologies is their cost, of course. For example, the budget for the renewal by Andersen window cost calculator shows an excellent balance between the durability and the cost of Andersen windows.

Knowing the approximate cost, you can compare different options and choose the most suitable solution for your needs. Explore their technological innovations below.

4 Unique Andersen Window Technologies

4 Unique Andersen Window Technologies

SmartSun, TruScene, VeriLock, and Easy Egress technologies are among the latest Andersen window innovations. Let’s consider the features of these technological advances in detail.


The innovative SmartSun system controls the level of solar radiation and heat transfer in the room. This is due to a special high-transmittance glass coating that effectively blocks ultraviolet rays, protecting the interior from fading.

In addition, windows with SmartSun technology retain heat indoors in winter and protect against overheating in summer, which helps save energy and create a comfortable atmosphere in the house.


TruScene Andersen window technology provides reliable insect control, which is especially important during the warmer months when mosquitoes, flies, wasps, and other insects are most active. A special micro-fiberglass mesh prevents even the smallest insects from passing through. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful view from your window without any interference.

The advantage of micromesh is its high transparency. It is almost invisible against the background of window glass. This ensures unhindered penetration of natural light into the room.

Here is a more complete list of TruScene benefits:

  • Insect protection;
  • Preventing dust and debris from entering the room;
  • Easy installation and removal;
  • Suitable for different types of windows;
  • High transparency;
  • Strong and durable materials.

Alongside the above-mentioned advantages, this technology will save your budget due to its long-term durability and high quality.


VeriLock is an innovative solution for window control and security. This technology works through wireless sensors installed on window frames. Sensors detect whether the windows are open, whether they are tightly closed, and whether the security gates are locked.

All information is transferred to the control board, which connects to the Wi-Fi network. The user receives notifications via a mobile application or email about the window status: open, closed, or not closed tightly enough.

If there is an attempt to break into a window, VeriLock sensors will immediately respond and send a notification. This provides an additional level of protection.

VeriLock technology is easy to install. It is compatible with various types of window systems, including casement, horizontal, and vertical windows. Additionally, you can integrate VeriLock with other security and automation systems, such as access control or smart home systems.

Easy Egress

Easy Egress also deserves attention. It helps turn windows into emergency exits in unforeseen situations that threaten health and life. The technology is intended for use in residential buildings, especially on the second floor or above, where an escape window opening may be vital.

Windows open indoors with minimal effort. This is especially useful for people with limited physical mobility or those who experience panic in emergency situations.

Combine Easy Egress window technology with other safety systems, such as fire-rated glass, locking window mechanisms, etc., to ensure complete window opening safety.

The Takeaway

Andersen Corporation continues to advance window technology and remains the industry’s innovation leader today. Using high-quality materials, technological inventions, and security systems, Andersen windows offer unmatched energy efficiency, durability, and stylish design.

Various functionalities like automation, smart home automation systems integration, and electronic control deserve special attention. Thus, there is no doubt that Andersen products are a reliable choice for homes and commercial buildings.